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Top Xbox 360 Games for 2011

Updated on December 15, 2010

There's going to be some big games coming out for the Xbox 360 next year in 2011! This year, 2010 was marked with a lot of good franchises. Most of these were sequels of games such as Mass Effect 2, Black Ops, Bioshock 2, and many others. Some new games that will release early next year, probably could of came out this fall.

Dead Space 2 - Set to release in January 25th 2011

Dead Space is a survival horror - Third person shooter. This original came out in in fall 2008 and became very popular. The game introduced the ability to shoot limbs off of enemies. Instead of the cliche head shot, this game often required you to shoot off limbs of enemies to kill them. Otherwise, they would relentlessly try and destroy you. This game had great graphics and a eerie atmosphere that took place on a space station. The next Dead Space will introduce multiplayer. The single player game will take place on a space station known as the sprawl. Issac Clark(protangonist from dead space 1) seems to have taken bad side effects from the marker.

Mortal Kombat 9 - Set to release April 2011

The next Mortal Kombat is set to take place after the events of Armageddon. This is the first M rated Mortal Kombat game for the 7th gen of gaming consoles. Mortal Kombat Vs DC had a T rating. The game will feature 28 playable characters, and more for downloadable content. The game will focus on a 2d fighting style like the original Mortal Kombat games.

Dragon Age 2
Dragon Age 2 | Source
gears of war 3
gears of war 3 | Source

Dragon Age 2 - Set to release March 8th 2011 (NA) March 11th (EU)

The next Dragon Age will have a new graphics engine, and cinematic cut scene engine. This time, the main character will have a voice, unlike the muted character in the first game. The game will be much bloodier than its predecessor, and is said to have a better combat system. The protagonist's race can not be changed, but the gender and class can be changed. Choices made in Dragon Age Origins and Awakening can be imported in this game to reflect different outcomes and events.

Gears Of War 3 - Set to release next fall fall 2011

Gears of War is undoubtedly one of the leading multiplayer and single player experiences for the Xbox 360. The next game will feature a 4 player-coop, and new game modes such as beast mode. There will also be an introduction of three female characters which will be playable. New weapons will include a double barrel shotgun, incendiary grenades, Pendulum war era Lancer(bayonet attached), and more.

Gears of War 3 is supposed to conclude the trilogy. The game focus on a vey action-packed single player/coop experience, and a robust multiplayer.

*Next article will include other big releases for 2011*


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