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Toy Cars For Kids

Updated on November 1, 2011

If you are a parent deciding to buy a toy car for your kid, then you should really read this article, as it is all about kids' favorite toys. Toy cars are definitely one of the best sellers in every toy store as kids are particularly attracted to them.

Be it a girl or a boy, kids love playing with these toy cars as they are a miniature of the real machine. Whether they are racing cars, fire brigades, military cars you name it and there is a miniature for it.

According to psychiatrists the kind of car your child plays with and likes the most, represents and expresses a unique signal of the profession he would rather adopt in his future life.

Therefore toy cars can really help parents in predicting the child’s intentions of his future aims; like for instance if your child likes police cars a lot, chances are he might want to become a policeman when he grows up.

Different Types Of Toy Cars

There are different types of toy cars coming in all sizes. Some are just mechanically operated while others are RC (Radio Controlled) cars that require battery for their operation. Among these, the miniature toy cars have been the most popular, as these are not just toys for kids rather they are also classic decoration pieces that are small versions of the original machine.

Miniature cars are die-cast cars with some moving parts such as wheels. From time to time different toy companies have marketed their miniature cars under different names which have been widely famous among kids like the Hot Wheels and the Dinky Toy cars.

Here in this article I will let you know about some of these different types of toy cars that could be bought for your child depending upon his interest and age. These cars come in different prices and are for different age groups so being a parent you should be careful in buying the right car for your kid at the right time.

Die Cast Toy Cars

If your kid is interested in miniature die-cast cars then the best toy brands to buy could be the Hot Wheels and Micro Machines.

Different sizes of die-cast cars
Different sizes of die-cast cars

There are a number of things kids would like to do with these miniature cars, they could race them, crash them into one another; they could even use the pull of gravity to move these cars downhill with great speeds.

These cars often come in different themed sets which include military cars, rescue cars, racing cars, fire brigades, construction themes etc. The toys come packed with all accessories like tracks, expressways, petrol booths and different types of miniature infrastructures, in short you name it and you’ll get it. Kids really enjoy these kinds of theme sets which can take them in a fantasy world of their own.

However, an important thing you should keep in mind is that, being small, these toys could be a choking hazard for a younger child, hence make sure that the toys are suitable for your child's age group. Also try to engage with them when they are playing with themed toys, as kids love to ask questions about such things and they can learn a whole lot from you.

RC cars or radio controlled cars are perhaps the favorite of every kid and even grown ups. For me RC cars have always taken me into a fantasy world and are my personal favorite too. You get all sorts of RC cars from a toy store with different price tags and with different features.

Some cars are battery operated while the others are powered by actual gasoline running engines.

These cars consist of two sets, the car itself and the radio remote control for controlling the car. The remote of the car is usually made up of an antenna and two joysticks. One for the forward and reverse movement and the other is to move the car either right or left.

Hotwheels battery powered - 74' Dodge Charger.
Hotwheels battery powered - 74' Dodge Charger.

Like the car the remote is also powered by a battery, however some of the more sophisticated cars that are popular among RC car hobbyist, run on gasoline too.

To make these cars more attractive the manufacturers are now making exact replicas of the famous racing cars like Ferrari, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Ford etc. RC cars are a lot of fun and my advice to you is whenever you buy an RC car for your kid, buy one for yourself as well.

So perhaps the two of you can spend more time together on your weekend, racing your cars together and having fun, it's definitely better than playing a video game with your child, sitting on a couch.

Since driving these cars require some mental awareness and tactics so I evaluate them to be best for a 7+ age kid.

Battery Powered Toy Cars

Battery Powered toy cars are generally of two types; one of them are the small battery operated cars that run with replaceable batteries and are very cheap, the second type are the real mini rechargeable battery operated cars with complete driving features.

These Battery cars have turn out to be incredibly trendy among the kids as they give the children a chance to drive the small version of a real car. They are however quite pricey as they have rechargeable battery systems. These Battery Powered Toy Cars come in different shapes, themes and prices, so try to buy the car that suits you child's interest and is right for your pocket too!

Below I have reviewed popular toys in this class:

Jeeps are one of the favorite toys of kids.
Jeeps are one of the favorite toys of kids.
My favorite childhood toy, now I can drive an actual car!
My favorite childhood toy, now I can drive an actual car!

Toy Jeeps

These are very popular among kids specially the ones who like riding on a Jeep. The miniature version of Jeep Wrangler is really fun to play with and I love them too as I have always been a fan of Jeeps. I know we grown ups can ride the real thing, but for kids buying a Jeep toy car will make a dream come true for them. These Jeeps come with all the features a real Jeep would have, like; detachable roof, Jeep fog lights, spare wheel on the back and much more.

Electric Cars & Roadsters

Well this is the ultimate toy your kid can have. It is in fact a real mini electric car, that is just suitable for a child. These cars have features like; steering wheel, foot accelerator and break, forward and backward gears, headlights, fancy horns etc. The looks are also such that of a real car, which will make even you wanting to fit in this toy and ride it. These electric cars come in different brands like the Feber Famosa Roadsters and Ferrari.


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      Mia 6 years ago

      What age group is it for...cos i want one!

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      tonka fire trucks 7 years ago

      These are the nice car for kids.

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      My boys loved to drive those little cars when they were little. Great hub.