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Toy Lawnmowers - A List of the Best Toy Lawn Mowers for Kids

Updated on January 15, 2015

Good Old-Fashioned Fun

Many of us have fond memories of a youngster in the family pushing around a small mower following Dad around the yard while he mowed the lawn. This mimicking or copying dad (or mom!) serves a play purpose and a value purpose. By mimicking their parent, the child feels special and that he or she can do the same chore as mom or dad. It is good old fashioned fun and preferrably without any technology attached!

These toys are generally suited for kids from about 18 months to 5 years. There are a number of these types of mowers for sale these days, so we take a look at a few of the best sellers and see how they perform.

Get ready and get set for some fun with your little one!

Fisher Price Bubble Mower

Fisher Price

In our house, a bubble mower was tops! They come with some expectation of a mess since you are mixing kids and a soapy solution, but this mower attempts to address that by using a plastic container for the solution that screws into place, which should at least reduce the spillage, and a control to adjust the flow of the bubble solution. This mower is targeted at a slightly older group, 24 months and above.

The simulated controls on this unit include an "electric start" key and a speed control lever. The bubble mower also comes in the color pink.

There are some complaints that some people can't get the bubbles to start up. There are directions included that detail how to get it started, and it may take a few tries on the part of the adult to find what works. Check out the reviews on Amazon to see how much you think that may apply to you.

John Deere Electric Lawn Mower

John Deere

John Deere Electric Lawn Mower

Nothing runs like a Deere! This traditionally colored mower is electric and is for outdoor use. The handle sits very low on this mower making it ideal for a petite sized toddler. Check out the comments on Amazon to see if this fits your child.

Little Tikes

Little Tikes Mulching Mower

Little Tikes has a new take on the old popcorn popper mower. This toy has the balls that pop up inside a clear dome (along with the popping sound), so the kids can see the "mulch."

It has a key for simulated on/ off switch, and a gear control and gas cap. Since it's from Little Tikes you know that it will handle a lot of wear and tear. Great for the young toddler to push around and build his walking skills, but it does not give total support, so don't consider it a walker.

Constructive Playthings Power Garden Tool Set

Constructive Playthings

This is a great collection of children's power garden tools so your child can work right along mom or dad with ALL the tools necessary to work in the yard. There is something that just feels right about your toddler trying to mimic their parent working in the yard. I think it's a parents dream that maybe in 12 or 14 years when they are a teen, they will remember these play toys and not complain so much when they have to use the real ones!

What's your Favorite Toy Mower?

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    • profile image

      Carl - Lawn Mower Guy 7 years ago

      I'll probably get my little boy the Gas and Go Mower!

    • Research Analyst profile image

      Research Analyst 8 years ago

      Toy lawn mowers are a favorite for the little ones, I thinkt they like the fact they can pull and push it plus the bright colors keep little kids attention.