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Toy RC Planes

Updated on October 22, 2011

Since the start of time, man’s fascination with flying has been evident throughout the pages of history. From Icarus and his failed wings of wax, to the pagans who considered birds as having sacred powers because they could fly, the sky has held the ultimate attraction for man.

It took human beings hundred of thousands of failed attempts to roam the skies like a bird, and it was only until 1903, when the Wright brothers made the world a little smaller on the morning of 17th December when they completed the first successful flight in recorded history.

Since then mankind has never looked back. We now live in an age where virtually everything seems possible. With the latest technologies at hand to scientists, our initial fascination with the process of flying seems nothing but a meager memory- after all, has not man accessed the space? What could be more important?

But put that question to a young child and you will get an entirely different answer.

Summer days see little boys and girls, running around parks with their toy airplanes in hand and re-live man’s age-old fantasy -that of roaming the skies.

But that doesn’t mean that adults are in any way behind. Toy planes represent to kids and adults alike the representation of the ultimate power to free one-self from the worries of this world and soar up into the skies.

From simple un-powered toy airplanes to the engine-powered radio control hobbyist’s dream, toy airplanes happen to be among the most highly appreciated and demanded toy and its price can range to anything between a few dollars to tens of thousands- depending on the capacity of its flight and the way that the flight is powered.

The basic categories that these toy airplanes are divided into are the following:

This Is How Toy RC Planes Fly

An RC Glider
An RC Glider


These are usually cheaper and much smaller in size. These gliders are essentially non-powered and the flight time is restricted to a couple of minutes or more depending upon the weather conditions. What gliders do is that they soar through the air by getting caught in thermals which are rising pockets of hot air.

Have you ever seen a bird soaring through the sky in circles without flapping their wings? Gliders employ the exact same principle in their flight.

Most of the structural qualities of an aircraft are founding these Gliders but unlike actual airplanes, there are only three forces working on these un-powered toys, namely lift, drag and weight.

Gliders are usually made of light materials such as Styrofoam or light weight Balsa wood.

Battery Powered Toy Airplanes

This is the basic in powered toy airplanes. These planes are powered by batteries that can be charged. These planes mainly consist of the following components:

  • Batteries
  • A motor
  • An electric speed controller.
  • A gearbox.

The strategy that is employed in the flight of a radio controlled airplane is fairly simple. The transmitter on the remote control sends signals to the plane and the receiver installed in the plane converts these signals into the commands that run the various components of the plane such as the wings, the rudders and the landing gear.

Battery powered toy air-planes generally have very little flight time. However some manufacturers and enthusiasts make some extensions to the basic remote controlled airplane so that it runs on two sources.

The guidance is provided by the battery powered motor, whereas another source of energy such as fuel provides the locomotion.

An engine powered RC plane
An engine powered RC plane

Engine Powered Toy Airplanes

These are the most expensive and complex type of toy airplanes. Engine powered toy airplanes usually employee a miniature internal combustion engine or a miniature jet engine that propagates it into the air and helps its locomotion. These planes are also of course controlled by remote controls.

These engine powered airplanes are extremely fast and can reach a speed up to 200mph. Also their flight time is more than the regular battery powered toy airplanes and the fuel used by these airplanes is usually gas, nitro or jet-fuel.

These toys are the ultimate toys, with their high technology, they are only a few steps away from the technologies employed by proper un-manned aircraft and that is the reason people who are serious about their hobby of collecting and flying radio controlled aircraft prefer these planes over all other types of toy airplanes.

If you are thinking of giving a kid one of these airplanes, the best choice would be to buy a glider or a basic simple RC plane for him/her. And the same can be said for anyone who is just starting with these planes.

Whatever the case may be; you may be just a beginner who has always been fascinated with how these planes work or a kid or a hardcore hobbyist, you will certainly agree with one thing: there is hardly anything more elegant and breathtaking than a beautiful airplane gliding and soaring through the air, cutting across the winds on its way to reach the high skies.


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