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Classic Games for Children 8 and Up

Updated on November 27, 2014
rmcrayne profile image

Rose Mary, an Occupational Therapist since 1987, is experienced with pre-term infants, early intervention, school therapy, & home health.

How would you entertain your kids if you had no electricity for a day? That’s right, no TV, computer or Xbox. How about good old fashioned low tech games?

Games hone a variety of visual, motor, mental and social skills. Games are versatile. Most games can be adapted or modified. Most are inexpensive and some are available at thrift stores. these games are suitable for children 8 and older.

Games reviewed in this hub:

Connect Four


Scrabble Slam


Double Dominos


See also classic board games.

Standard and travel versions of classic Connect Four
Standard and travel versions of classic Connect Four | Source

Connect Four

Number of Players: 2 players

Age: 7 and up

Brief Overview: This game is like Tic Tac Toe, but vertical, and players must get 4 in a row of their color.

Skills: Perceptual motor, fine motor, sequencing, strategy.

Versions: Multiple versions including Sponge Bob. A version is also available with 3 game options: original, Pop Out and Pop 10. Checkers can be popped out of the grid to change the row entirely.

Modifications: For younger children, players could aim for 3 in a row, vertical or horizontal only.

How to Play Connect Four

Uno cards
Uno cards | Source


Number of Players: 2 to 10 players

Age: 7 and up

Brief Overview: Three ways to play. Basic game is to race to be the first player to run out of cards. Cards are played by matching the color or number of the top card.

Skills: Color and number recognition, visual motor, strategy.

Versions: Multiple editions.

Modifications: Versions are available for younger children.

How to Play Uno

Scrabble Slam
Scrabble Slam | Source

Scrabble Slam

Number of Players: 2 to 4 players

Age: 8 and up

Brief Overview: Players race to change the 4-letter word in play and get rid of all of their cards. Lame could become fame, which could become fume.

Skills: Basic spelling skills, speed of dexterity.

Versions: Multiple editions and packaging of basic game.

Modifications: Try 3-letter words for younger children.

What is the Object of Boggle?


Number of Players: 2 to 4 players

Age: 8 and up

Brief Overview: There are 16 letter cubes with a different letter on every side. Shake up letter cubes, drop them in grid, then start timer. Players have 3 minutes to see who acquires the most points from words using the letters in the grid.

Skills: Spelling, writing, strategy.

Versions: Multiple editions and packaging of the basic game. Travel version available.

Modifications: Deluxe edition has 25 letter cubes, but can also be adapted to the 16 cube play.

Dominos | Source

Double 6 Dominos

Number of Players: Typically 2 players.

Age: 8 and up

Brief Overview: The basic domino game is the Block Game. The 28 tiles are place face down and shuffled. Players select 7 tiles each, with remaining tiles not used. First player lays the first tile, starting the line of play. Players continue the line by placing a tile of equal value to one end. Game ends when a player plays all tiles, or game is blocked when neither player can play a tile of equal value. There is also a Draw Game.

Skills: Quantity recognition, dexterity with tiles, strategy.

Versions: There is a version of the game with tile values up to 12.

Modifications: There are adaptations for more who can play individually or in teams.

How to Play Dominos

How to Play Yahtzee


Number of Players: 1 or more players

Age: 8 and up

Brief Overview: Game of strategy and luck. Players roll 5 dice up to 3 turns trying for 5 of a kind (Yahtzee), straight, full house or other combinations similar to Poker. Player with the most points wins.

Skills: Understanding of combinations, strategy, basic math skills.

Versions: Multiple editions and packaging, including electronic and travel versions.

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  • rmcrayne profile image

    rmcrayne 8 years ago from San Antonio Texas

    Thanks for reading Jen. I hope you'll check out some of my other Toys/Games hubs. My brother put Yahtzee on his phone! What an e- world!

  • JenDobson27 profile image

    JenDobson27 8 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your reviews. I love playing board games and think everyone could learn a thing or two if they put down the video games and stopped mindlessly watching TV and actually interacted with real humans by playing some games once in awhile. I'm on a Yahtzee kick right now. Just got my highest score ever, 531, while playing with my family. Getting 3 Yahtzee's in one game really helps the score!

  • rmcrayne profile image

    rmcrayne 8 years ago from San Antonio Texas

    Thanks for reading Mike. I covered some of those games in other hubs, like my Board Games for 8 and Up.

  • MikeNV profile image

    MikeNV 8 years ago from Henderson, NV

    Yahtzee, Chess, Checkers, Monopoly, Sorry are the board games I remember most as a kid.

  • rmcrayne profile image

    rmcrayne 8 years ago from San Antonio Texas

    myownworld, what a fantastic compliment. I'm blown away.

  • myownworld profile image

    myownworld 8 years ago from uk

    having read your hub on board games, am happy to see some of my other favorite ones mentioned in the list here! you do a great job of presenting your hubs in a clear and readable thank you for posting!

  • rmcrayne profile image

    rmcrayne 8 years ago from San Antonio Texas

    Thanks for commenting and your ongoing support dohn, Trudy and judy.

    I have warm memories of playing Monopoly with my neighbors growing up. Most games like these are timeless. I was amazed by all the teens and adults I found playing these games when I was looking for pictures.

  • judydianne profile image

    judydianne 8 years ago from Palm Harbor, FL

    Great games to play any time, even with my kids' 91 year old Nana. She loves to play table games!

  • TrudyVan profile image

    TrudyVan Curre 8 years ago from South Africa

    Hello there. Great Hub. We often have a games evening where we only play card games. No tv or tv games.

  • dohn121 profile image

    dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

    Seeing all of these games brings back a lot of memories. I really hope that more people will go back to playing these games, as over where I live, winter getting ever closer, which will eventually mean that inclimate weather is fast approaching, so games such as these would be a great way to pass the time. Thanks.