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Best Toys for 2 Year Olds

Updated on March 14, 2011

Two year olds are full of energy; they are at the age where everything is completely new to them, where everyday is a learning experience. 2 year old boys and girls are constantly learning social skills, how to use language, hand-eye coordination as well their sense of balance; these are all fundamental aspects of human behavior and this, then, makes the age of two a very important age.

It's also why they are called the terrible twos.

The fact is is that you can't teach a 2 year old everything there is to know about being human ( sounds a bit alien doesn't it?). And that's where toys come in. The best toys for 2 year olds are the toys which emphasize the traits mentioned above - toys which illustrate how to say words, or how to build a tower, catch ball.

Some of the best ways for a child to develop is for them to explore everything on their own. The best activities for 2 year olds are ones where they have to learn everything by themselves; this means they will have to mistakes, which will lead to some tears.

Whether you want to focus on more educational toys for 2 year olds, or just want to know some good learning activities for 2 year olds, you've come to the right place.

Here is a list of the top toys for 2 year olds:


Dress Up Toys

One of the most powerful 2 year old activities, for both boys and girls, are ones that involve dressing up.  Dressing up is one of the easiest ways to get your 2 year old to use their creativity and imagination.  The amount of variations of clothing one can try on, or put on someone else, is overwhelming - enough to keep a 2 year old busy for weeks. 

As far as learning activities for 2 year olds ago, playing dress up is one of the best.  Set a drawer aside that's full of clothing specifically meant for dress-up.  You can even, if you're willing to be patient, slowly teach your child things like color coordination, what occasion is for every piece of clothing, and other things like that.   Of course in the end it's best for your  2 year old to figure it all out for themselves. 

If you don't that much extra clothing to play dress up with, then maybe you should look into buying miniature dress up toys.  Barbie dolls, as well as the dress up monkey, are two great alternatives. 

Rhythm Toys

For a 2 year old the world is a vibrant place that is full of sound; imagine for a two year old how all the different sounds the full our world mix together.  For a young brain it would be hard to comprehend, to even distinguish individual sounds for one another. 

That's where rhythm toys come in. 

Some of the top toys for 2 years old are rhythm toys and more specifically percussion toys.  At an age where clapping, hopping and even trying to dance to music is a forever success or failure, one of the best activities for a 2 year old is working on rhythm. 

There are many toys for two year olds that emphasize this.  The best kind of rhythm toys are the ones where the toy will play a certain beat and your child will have to repeat it.

Construction Toys

This is my personal favorite toy for 2 year olds.  


Because I still have fun playing with the toys.  Construction is creativity in physical form; to build, morph, change, destruct, rebuild, is one of the great marvels of the brain.  It's fitting, therefore, that one of the best kind of toys for children is one that develops the brain much quicker. 

Lego is a great option for a construction toy for kids.  Just give your child a big bag of Lego bricks and see what they can come up with; you will, most of the time, see the structures they build come more advanced as they continue to practice.  You can also build something with them - like a great Lego Castle - which will give them an idea on how things should look. 

The best thing about construction toys is that they are good for all ages of kids.  After you give them the initial push as a 2 year old, you'll see for years to come their creative construction around the houses - in forts, cardboard hideouts, and much more.   It's a wonder to see.  

Educational Toys for 2 Year Olds

A 2 year old needs to be constantly nourished - and not just in the conventional way.  A 2 year old needs to be taught new things on a daily basis, as well as needs to practice what they've learnt. 

The best way to do this is for educational toys for children and toddlers.  These are toys like CD tapes or DVDs which reinforce certain learning actives for kids.   Other good educational toys for 2 years olds are certain Board games that will make them use logic and solve puzzles, or matching games that stimulate the use of their memory. 

Tricylces for Two Year Olds

One of the top toys for a 2 year old boy - or girl - is a tricycle.  Riding a tricycle is one of the best activities for 2 year olds because it always them to explore the outdoor world on their own, as well as increase their hand eye coordination and other athletic features. 

A tricycle is one of the best gifts for a two year old kid, because it's long-lasting.  Once they learn how to ride a tricycle they are just one step from riding a bicycle and after that?  Well the sky's the limit. 

What Toy Is Best For a 2 Year Old?

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With Christmas coming up it may be a good idea to invest in some toys for your 2 year old children. They will prove to be great learning activities, as well as a great way to teach your child certain skills.

Plus you might have some fun in the process.



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    • sid_candid profile image


      7 years ago

      Nice toy ideas for kids. Great Hub.


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