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Affordable Toddler Toys: Step2 Whisper Ride Buggy Review

Updated on July 4, 2013

Step2 Whisper Ride Buggy - 2 Thumbs Up

If you're in the market for a great ride on toy for ages 1 to 2, I'm suggesting the Step2 Whisper Ride Buggy. There are tons of great ride ons in the market now days, but this is the one we chose for our daughter's FIRST ride on. We purchased the Whisper Ride Buggy for several reasons, mainly for the price. We were on a tight budget around that time, so the price was our main factor, however, we did check all the other features too. Kynlea was 1 when we got this for her birthday. She was already walking and could climb in and out of it with very little assistance since the seat of it is very low to the ground. Now, a year later, it's no problem at all.

Step2 Whisper Ride Buggy for Boy and Girl

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About the Step2 Whisper Ride Buggy

  • The Step2 Whisper Ride Buggy is recommended for children 1.5 to 4 years of age
  • Recommended maximum weight 50 pounds
  • Adult steered with push handle
  • Extra Large wheels provide a smooth ride, and EVA tires glide quietly over pavement
  • Pretend Steering wheel with electronic horn (2 AAA batteries required)
  • Under Hood Storage compartment
  • Seat Belt for safety
  • Weighs 16 pounds
  • Comes in Blue and Pink

What I liked about the Step2 Whisper Ride Buggy

There are definitely more positives for me on the Step2 Whisper Ride Buggy, so I'll start with those.

Assembly: Although this ride on, as do most, does require some assembly, it is simple and took me and the hubs about 20 minutes tops.

The handle on this is attached with a nut/bolt and can be taken off pretty quickly if you want to put it into your car, and it's very lightweight which makes it easy to take along. This is called a Whisper Ride Buggy because of the types of tires on it, claiming to make it a quieter smoother ride, and I can say that this is an accurate claim. Our streets are a little less than pleasant to walk on because there are lots of areas in the pavement that need to be fixed, but I can honestly say that this doesn't make a lot of noise when it rolls, and it's pretty smooth. So smooth, that my daughter actually has nearly fallen asleep sitting up in it on occasion.

If she did fall asleep though, it would be okay, because there is a seatbelt strap on this to keep children safely seated. I don't know about your little one, but sometimes my Kynlea gets a little rowdy and like to dance or even jump out of her toys, so this keeps her in place while we are out for a stroll.

One of my favorite features of this toy is the under hood compartment, which isn't very large, but perfect for a toy, snacks, drinks etc. I have actually used it to bring home grocery items on pretty days when we walk instead of drive.

Adult Steered: There is a steering wheel, and it does actually turn and has a cute horn on it, however, it isn't attached to an axle or anything that makes it actually steer. This is 100% steered by the person pushing the handle. This at first was a little of a con for me, until I started using the buggy. As stated earlier, my daughter was just 1 when we got this, so she didn't know that she could steer with the wheel anyway. She never even actually tried to pretend to steer until here recently. She was always content to sit with her hands in her lap or holding my ipod. Now that she does like to pretend steer and I see how crazy a driver she is, I'm thinking it's a good thing it's not steerable that way, or we wouldn't be taking very long walks.

My other favorite feature is the cup holder next to the steering wheel. This is the perfect size holder for a sippy cup, or even my drink.


As I stated earlier, there are more pros than cons, however I feel I should share them anyway so you know.

That cute little horn, sometimes will honk when we hit bumps. It's not all the time, or every time, and may even be a result of my daughter being so obsessed with honking it so much in the beginning. However, it's not an obnoxiously loud horn, so I just overlook it and Kynlea doesn't really seem to care, so not a deal breaker.

Steering......yes, I know I said that this wasn't too much of an issue with me, and it really isn't. However, I feel like this would be more for the recommended age given if it did steer with the steering wheel. I would maybe suggest to the company making it convertible with aging. I don't mind pushing and steering this, but it would be really nice if as my daughter got a little older, we could maybe flip a switch to make it steerable with the steering wheel.

Where to find a Step2 Whisper Ride Buggy

The Step2 Whisper Ride Buggy can be found at several online retailers including:

Step2 $65.00

Target $60.00 ($75 after shpping)

Amazon $39.99


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