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Train Your Brain, Free Business Game

Updated on January 2, 2011
For more brain training games, visit:
For more brain training games, visit: | Source

The people who brought you the Krypton Factor now bring you a way to feel mentally deficient in the comfort of your own home! Under the guise of 'Training Your Business Brain', you'll undertake many challenges associated with the Krypton Factor. There are intelligence tests (apparently one's intellect can be accurately gauged by one's ability to bounce green squares around the place,) a physical test (which is in actuality a measuring of your ability to deal with exceptionally poor game physics,) mental agility, which involves memorizing equations and doing basic arithmetic in a spatial kind of fashion, general knowledge and observation. If is to be believed, these are the key tools necessary for cultivating a keen business mind.

I did my best to ascertain how keen my business brain was, but was inevitably thwarted by the fact that the points assigned only mean something if you register and pit your scores against other vaguely humanoid creatures around the world and I'm just not that abstractly competitive.

Let's look at the games themselves, shall we? We shall!

The 'Train Your Business Brain' observation game is a short game that is actually quite a great deal of fun because of how difficult it is and because of the fact that it actually relates to your real world ability to use your brain. If only more games had real world applications, we'd all be a lot happier, prosperous and physically active.

The game has two stages. In the first, you watch a short video set in a train station. You try to soak up as much information as possible, but because you're a mere human, you'll only take in what strikes you as being important, which is fine, apart from the fact that the game doesn't care what you think is important, the game has its own agenda. At the end of the video, you are asked a series of questions. The quicker you answer the questions correctly, the more points you will gain.Throughout almost all the tests, you learn one thing. If you are to be wrong, it is better that you are wrong quickly.

The second round involves looking at a picture, which you will also be questioned on after 60 seconds or so. At the end of this game, you'll probably be surprised at how unobservant you really are. You'll probably end up wondering how you make it through any given day without being robbed and accidentally biting your own hand.

Fortunately, the general knowledge section is quite enjoyable for people who take a general sort of interest in the world around them, and may very well make up for any feelings of inferiority sustained in the observation section of the test.

Test Your Business Brain!


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