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Transformers CYLCLONUS Combiner Wars

Updated on October 13, 2015

Still going with Transformers.

I can't believe it. I'm still buying transformers till this day. Ever since the beginning when I had my first transformers Optimus Prime in 1984. No matter Hasbro Brand or the Japanese Takara version. These robots still fascinates people of young and old.

This is the combiner wars Cyclonus.

Reviewed by action_figure_geek.

Nutritional Facts:

Serving size 1 adult/Child

Total fat burned when transforming : 5%

Vitamin Happy 100%

Total Transformation of the body 2


The features:

2 in 1 Cyclonus Figure

Changes in 16 steps

Combines with other figures (5 to complete) sold separately

3 of 5 Combiners

Ages 8 and up

The Transformers More than Meets The Eye.

For this review I am going to do one of Hasbros Combiner Wars action figures. This is the wave 3 8 inch action figure. Basically a remold version of silverbolt.

The pictures of cyclonus you see above is from my personal collection. While I did another review of Mezco Chucky doll I said that I did not want to take out chucky out of the box. Well this time for this review I took out this transformer out of the box so he can transform. Ha.Ha.

Geek. But anyways on to the review. Hasbro still makes awesome toys for everyone. The quality of this toy is pretty good.


This cyclonus feels pretty good in the hands. Meaning the feel of holding and transforming this figure feels about right. You feel confident that when bending and twisting this figure that any part of the body will not snap off at any time.

In the pass I had transformers snap in half. Some parts of the body would just snap off by a slight twist or bend. It doesn't take the strength of Arnold Schwarzeneggers arm to transform this cyclonus. Just giving you my experience in the past. So no biggie.

Just a caution. Be careful when you purchase any transformers on ebay or amazon. Make sure it is an authentic brand. I had fake transformers in the past and they easily would break or colors where not on point or certain badges where not in place on the action figure.

I notice every color around the edges was on point. The silver and purple colors really stands out. The paint has some nice metallic detail to it. Some sort of a sparkle at different angles.

Cockpit has a gold touch of paint to it. Flip the figure and you can flick out the landing gear underneath.

I am not a picky person mind you but I am just taking it from pass customers who had returned my transformers that I sold to them. Most of the complaints were the discoloration. For me it was ok. But if you are really picky in the details then that's ok too. You need to please yourself.

Quality of the figure.

There where couple complaints from other people who also purchased this toy. Some of it where color and parts popping off as I mentioned earlier.

Some of these are in no particular order:

- Poor paint application on specific areas on the figure

- The 2 small wings on the aircraft came off

- articulation was not good to go

- He looks a little odd.

But overall there are no issues at all with mine.

Jet Mode

Transforming cyclonus to jet mode was awesome. There where some places you had to be careful especially with the legs. The head flips away easily.

The landing gear was easy to pop out.

Those little wings are transferred to his fists on both sides.

I like the box end of the aircraft and the overall look the figure.


Robot mode

Robot mode.

This is the fun part for me. When I transform this figure back to robot mode I have that sound in my mind from the cartoon when they transform. That robot transforming sound. You know what I mean.

At this point I will not make him combine to the other bots. So no torso mode for now.

Now with his weapons on him he looks pretty decent. Even posing this figure was not that difficult.

Overall this combiner robot is well worth to have. It's not one of those figures that you will find very rare to collect. To me it is a must have if you just want to combine all 5 of the robots.

To complete this combiner wars figure you will need:






And that is all to it. Just have fun with these transformers and enjoy. To many times I get from my buddies that I should be looking for rare transformers to collect. But I say I do not care no more. Been there/done that. I want to relax and exercise my fingers in transforming these crazy things!

Robot Mode

The small collector.

I have been fascinated with toys for many years. Ever since the beginning of time when I had my first transformers , Godzilla and He Man action figures in 1984. Fast forward through time and I have been buying and selling toys through the years.

To me it is always fun and interesting. Because you grow up with these toys and it brings back memories through the years. Don't get me wrong but there are more hard core collectors out there with a much bigger collection. I give much more respect to those people.

My main interest now is doing reviews on these toys. My next review will be my Dragon Ball Z super Saiyan Goku POP! Figure From Funko. So stay tuned

Cyclonus ratings

4 stars for Cyclonus

Takara or Hasbro

Which Transformer Would you buy for Fun?

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