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Transylvania Walkthrough - Online Game

Updated on April 21, 2011

Transylvania Online Flash Game

Transylvania Online Flash Game

Transylvania is a very fun and clever online flash game about a sleepwalking potato who wakes up to find that he has walked into... well, Transylvania. Your goal is to help him escape by solving each screen/puzzle and to get him home safely to his potato wife.

If you haven't played this great game yet please check it out here at Not Doppler:


Click on different objects with the mouse to move them and clear a path for your potato.

Transylvania Walkthrough

So that we can all stay on the same page with the walkthrough I'm going to go screen by screen.

After watching your sleeping potato drive into Transylvania and wreck his car, you find yourself at the first screen.

Screen 1: Click the gate directly in front of your potato. It should open, allowing you to now click the potato and advance.

Screen 2: Click the key behind you to unlock the door, open the door, then click Mr.Potato to advance.

Screen 3: Open the door to the cage directly above Mr.Potato and then click the critter that is in the cage to make him run. Now click the guard above the stairs and the platforms he was standing on. Finally, advance by clicking Mr.Potato.

Screen 4: Use your brain and your eyes! To the right of Mr.Potato are four wheels. The one closest to him opens the door but it is stuck. Click the third wheel from Mr.Potato to move the wooden board. Now click the first wheel to open the gate. Click Mr.P.

Screen 5: Expect the unexpected! Click the apple to give it to the critter. Click the critter to make it leave and click Mr.Potato.

Screen 6: Hurry Up! Notice the bird/gargoyle looking statue directly above Mr.Potato. Click his left wing, then his right, and finally his belly to extend the bridge.Now run.

Screen 7: A deadly decision? Click the middle door to open it and click Mr.P to go through it.

Screen 8: The gateway to hell? Notice the sparkle coming from the spider-web in the top left of the screen. Click it and a spider will give you a key. Use the key and click the board it unlocks. You now have to line up the four boards like they are stairs. You'll understand in a second.

Pull the second rope (from left to right) that is hanging over the potato's head to bring up the board closest to you. Now, pull the fourth rope to bring up the second board. Now the first rope, and finally the third rope. See, stairs. Use the key that is hanging and advance.

Screen 9: A Symphony of Horrors? Move the mirror on the far left by clicking on it, bringing the piano playing demon into view. Now, click the other mirror to do the same thing. Click the demon to make him look at the mirror and drop the boulders directly above him. Advance.

Screen 10: Click the boulder to knock it out of the elevator and click the up switch behind potato man. Get in the elevator and click the down switch. Click potato man to get in the cart and pull the switch.

Screen 11: After getting bamboozled by the demon and thrown in jail your only option is to make a crafty escape. Notice the other cellmates in the background. Open the middle cage door at the top to let your friend go. Now click the guard to get his attention and he should leave. You can now grab the key and get out of there.

Screen 12: Notice the two small boulders directly below potato near the bottom of the screen. Click the bottom boulder and then the top boulder. Now click the wire to connect it and click the pump to blow the bomb. Now get out of there.

Screen 13: Click the guard by the lever to make him pull it. A critter should drop out of a cage in front of you. After it leaves you can jump on the cage to get in it. Now pull the lever closest to you to ascend.

Screen 14: Open the critter directly below you's cage to let it out and then click the sleeping guard. Click the doors to the left and right of the hole below you to close it(cellar type doors) and then click the elevator to descend.

Screen 15: This screen is sort of complicated and requires you to move fast. Start by clicking the key that is hanging up on the top left side of the middle beam. It will open a door exposing another key. Use that key to open a door exposing a lever. Pull the lever to raise the bridge. Finally you need to click the loose board on the right side of the middle structure(directly under the pivot in the bridge you just raised) and click potato man to run.

Screen 16: About three feet directly above Mr.Potato is a very peculiar looking brick on the wall. Click it to remove it exposing a key. Use the key on the crate in front of you and open the bottle. The ghost in the bottle will scare the guard away clearing your path.

Screen 17: Open the fence across from the lochness monster and click the cage to drag it out. Click Nessy to make here start running. Click the wheel directly above potato to raise the bridge and make a path.

Screen 18: It's all in your head. Your goal is to click the thought bubbles in the right order to make them disappear. If all else fails just click the consecutively over and over until they disappear but the order is as follows. Rightmost light bulb bubble, Second saw bubble, first axe bubble, third fire bubble, and fourth fire bubble. The bubble change as you eliminate each one.

Screen 19: on the very left side of the structure you sill see a rope hanging down holding a board. Click the rope where it meets the board to unhook it and then click it again to drop the bell on the guard. Click the key the guard was blocking to open the cage and free the critter. Finally, open the door in front of you and you may now advance.

Screen 20: Fog Generator. On the ground in front of potato there's a small handle. Click it to open up a cellar and expose the inner workings of the fog generator. You now need to turn it off. Click the wheel crank in the middle of the fog generator to turn of the fog. Now pull the crank to the left of the rotating center wheel to turn that off and finally click the bottle that is sticking out of the left side of the remaining fan. You're now home free to continue.

Screen 21: The Bomb. Act fast because you only have around thirty seconds to diffuse the bomb and get out of there. Click the nail above the alarm clock and open the hatch. Now, click the bell on top of the clock to raise it and remove the wire that was connected to the bell. You can now click the key on the left gate to remove it. Open the gate and run.

Screen 22: Click the guard. He will tell you that guests aren't permitted at night and potato will wait until morning. You are now free to run home to your wife for your not so happy homecoming.

Thanks for reading my Transylvania Walkthrough. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below. To play Transylvania and many more great online flash games visit any of the following sites.

Not Doppler - New Flash Games every Thursday.

Fast Games - Free online games

Be Gamer - Flash Games Online


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