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Traxxas Revo 3.3 RC Monster Truck

Updated on September 3, 2011

Revo 3.3 Nitro Monster Truck


The Traxxas Revo 3.3 has to be one of the most popular nitro rc vehicles of all time and that is for good reason.  The Revo is a beast.  It is rugged, big, and fast.  This rc nitro monster truck does what others only wish they could do.  The Revo is a great basher that can take just about anything you can throw at it.  If racing is your thing, then look no further, this truck has a record in the monster truck class matched by no other.  It’s even so fast that at one time, it was outlawed from the truggie class in my area because it was beating the truggies in their own class.

Basis for all this dependability and agile cornering all starts with the unique chassis setup of the Revo.  This setup is completely different from other manufacturers.  The chassis utilizes a pushrod and rocker arm set up that allows the shocks to lay horizontal on the aluminum chassis.  When the wheel travels up, the pushrod connected to the a-arm pushes the rock arm and compresses the shock.  This system works excellent and is also adjustable.  You will receive the truck from the factory in a middle setting, but the truck can be raised or lowered by moving where the pushrods connect.  Traxxas also offers great up-grades for the suspension that can improve the handling even more.

The real excitement of the Traxxas Revo lies in the powerhouse 3.3 engine. While this engine is only a small block, when you couple it with the 33% Top Fuel made by Traxxas speeds of over 45 mph are attainable. The engine comes to life with the ez start system which heats the glow plug and spins the engine mounted starter. This is really a great set up that helps people new to nitro rc. The 3.3 engine puts power through a 2 speed transmission that allows truck to have great acceleration and top speed.

The great part about the Traxxas Revo 3.3 is it comes in a read to run package (RTR). All you need to buy is fuel, batteries for the controller, and a fuel bottle. The truck comes with a battery pack for the truck and even has a charger included. Traxxas is really good about putting together a complete package that leaves the consumer little to purchase to get going. Also included is a full color owner’s manual that will explain to you exactly how to tune the engine and all the adjustments on the truck. A DVD is another bonus that shows the user exactly how to break the engine in the get the most performance and a long useful life.

Traxxas advises that this rc monster truck is not for beginners and on a scale of 1 to 5 for skill needed to operate, it is a rated a 4.  However, this was my first nitro rc vehicle and I was able to drive it pretty well with a little practice.  After all, practice makes perfect… right?  As far as tuning the engine, I do have some background with alcohol burning engines, therefore it wasn’t very difficult for me to tune.  I will say this, if you are in doubt it will be better to run the engine at a richer setting to prevent engine damage. Therefore, if you possess the skill to drive and tune a fast nitro truck, the Traxxas Revo 3.3 is the best choice for a nitro backyard basher and to dominate your local track.


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