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Treasure Hunting- The Cache

Updated on December 23, 2012

I've written a series of Hubs here on Hubpages that talk about modern treasure hunting and how to get started in it. There are several forms of treasure hunting and no, I don't mean a pirate following a map with an "X" marking the spot in some treasure hunting movie. The methods I have discussed have been finding items hidden in or around houses by those that don't trust banks, using a metal detector and now I will talk about caches. A caches is something of value that is buried or hidden for later recovery. This can vary from geocaches, which has become a sport in it's own right, to caches of food or money. Of course, since this is a topic about treasure hunting, we are mostly concerned about money, gold, silver or anything else of value that might have been hidden for later recovery. Are there caches with hidden bars of gold, or gold coins. Yes there are, but are you willing to put in the work to find them?


Putting In The Research

 If a large sum of money, gold or silver was hidden somewhere, it is likely that there is a story about it somewhere.  Whether it is a newspaper story from the time that mentions how a certain amount of money was stolen and the culprits were caught a short time later without it.  Or maybe it was a story that has been passed down through family members.

I good cache will have to have a story.  Without any information, there will be nothing to help pinpoint a location.  When there is a story, you can start to uncover details that will lead to a better understanding of where something might actually be hidden.

Maybe you know that a bank was robbed in a certain town, the thieves left in a certain direction and where capture, say 10 miles from the bank, but they didn't have any of the money with them.  You have just begun narrowing down your possible search location.  Through additional research into the stories and the area you might find more clues.

You may find out that the thieves had a certain hideout in that area.  Or maybe there was a certain trail that had a large number of caves, easy places to hide their spoils.  Plenty of research will help you to identify specific areas to actually go and physically search.

Finding The Treasure

Once you have identified the possible location of the treasure, it is time to start looking. Make sure you obtain permission from the person that owns the land before hand. You don't want to end up in a legal battle and loose all of your finds because you weren't searching legally.

Use some of the tricks I described in my backyard treasure hunting, or bring along a metal detector to help with the search. You never now when you might find a cache full of gold or silver bars. Do your research and enjoy the hunt!


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    • Adventure Colorad profile image

      Adventure Colorad 5 years ago from Denver,CO

      I'm glad that you enjoyed it, have you found anything good yet?

    • realtreasurehunts profile image

      realtreasurehunts 6 years ago

      Thanks for the info. I've recently become very interested in treasure hunting. It can be great fun!!!