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Tribal Wars - External Forums

Updated on November 29, 2011

The externals are a great place to see whats going on in your world; catch up with the wars, get to know your neighbors, and find the pro's. But they can go both ways, depending on how you use them...

They seem like a place you can just pop in and out of with ease, and spread your message with the community. But that is so wrong. Any small mistake, or any loophole in your logic, will lead to the 'dominant' players attacking you like wild dogs. And im serious there - they will flame you, and bring you down, as much as they can before a moderator stops them. Unless of course, you follow these quick rules:

External Forums

1. Type in full sentences - text talk will get you nowhere on the forums, because it just screams out '12 year old' or 'neeewb'.

2. Get an avatar. And possibly a cool signature. The more professional your posts look, the more people will pay attention. Its just natural that you see someone without an avatar, and automatically ignore them.

3. Get a sense of humor. About 5% of the conversations in the forums are serious. The rest is just spam; and you need to learn to deal with that, or even join in.

4. Don't break the rules. Getting an infraction from a moderator is never a good feeling, and leaves you not knowing whats going on in the world.

5. Get a few friends with you on there (following the above rules also), as the more popular you seem, the more of a good reputation you get in game, and therefore your tribe does too.

6. Don't make any threads that could be seen as useless - people will just laugh in your face.

Thats all - follow these rules, and you will be on your way to having the reputation of the greatest Tribal Wars player around. Just don't mess it up.

Thanks for reading, and have fun!


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