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Tribal Wars - Friend or Dictator?

Updated on December 12, 2011

When leading a tribe, you will tend to stick to either side of ‘the spectrum’, as I like to call it. But this will have its consequences, and will dictate which direction your tribe moves in. Take this example; a harsh, strict leader who demands 4 hours activity a day or instant booting, will probably end up losing most their members, who realize they are on a game. And if we turn this round, imagine a leader who lets members go red (inactive for 7 days) before booting them out of the tribe. No one in their right mind will join a tribe full of useless accounts, will they?

So, friend or dictator?

As you can probably predict, it’s once again in the middle. But it varies – a lot.

It varies on your playing style, your members, your ability to be mean to people that deserve it, and your sense of humour. But I’m going to set up some ground rules for leadership, which should turn on a few light bulbs in the majority of first time leaders.

1. 1. Don’t be too nice. It sounds obvious, but way too many leaders just let inactivity slip up, allow any tribe to be allied with them, and say ‘of course!’ to any request to join their tribe.

2. 2. You’re not Hitler – so don’t act like it. Not everyone wants to be account sat overnight - daily, give you their personal details, download Skype, and get Opera to play the game on. You will lose all your casual players that are still possibly great additions to the tribe.

3. 3. Know when to give in. If a member can’t get Skype for whatever reason they have, then don’t force them. Maybe try to find an alternative way of quickly communicating with your tribe.

4. 4. Hold your own a little bit; if you want someone troop count, or you need to know their time zone for an op, it’s going to be vital that your members reply with the necessary information. Tell them the details won’t go to anyone except yourself, and if they still won’t give in, as them to try to find an account sitter during the time of the op.

5. 5. Don’t pretend. If you're being harsh, don't try to hide it through jokes and sarcasm – the remaining members are there because they don’t care, or they are too lazy to find another tribe. And if you’re being too nice, your members will catch on, so saying ‘Go yellow and your kicked’ will lose its effect after a period of no replies to mails.

Hope this helped any budding leaders, and have fun!


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    • GrepoTWPlayer profile image

      GrepoTWPlayer 6 years ago from Ireland

      nice tip mate!

    • profile image

      Vic0894 6 years ago

      Thank for the tip :)