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Tribal Wars Startup Guide - Tribes

Updated on July 13, 2016

Starting up on Tribal Wars can be considered the hardest, most competitive stage there is, and i totally agree, as i spend more time on the game at 100 points, than when im at 50,000 points... This is because you need to farm farm farm at this point in the game, and activity is crucial. But lets look at tribes:


Choosing the right tribe can be tough at the best of times, however there are some easy ways to spot a good tribe, and distinguish from a bad one.

Here are my tips on finding a good (not always the best, but they wont be unexperienced players of the game at least):

  • Make sure the profile is written in decent English. 'To jon mi trib, snd mesige to 'mrelite2k6'' is an example of a tribe to not join, and it might shock you that there is a lot of tribes with more spelling errors than this on their profile.
  • Check the tribes name, and the players names (quickly, and don't do it if the tribe has over 100 players because it wont matter too much) to see if they are offensive. If they are, they will probably be reported by some competitor who can avoid war and take the quick route to continent domination. if you are short on time, just check the names listed on the profile.
  • If the profile lists the tribes allies, then the chances are that they are hiding behind them.
  • Look at the member count - usually a tribe with about 50% of the tribe member limit on the world is best led, smaller membered tribes being either 'premades' or just plain terrible, and tribes with a lot more are usually mass recruiters, with only half the tribe speaking English at most.
  • A unique name generally tells you that the leaders are aware of other tribes on previous worlds, and so they don't copy them. Examples of tribes that are almost guaranteed to fail will be called E=MC2 or Khan/G.Khan. They generally copy the name of a tribe that is #1 on the only world they have been on.
  • If they create pretty patterns with punctuation on their profile, you should probably declare war now. The same goes for any copied content, such as popular jokes on the game that should really be on your personal profile instead.
  • If they list more council members than what is needed (Duke, diplomat and recruiter is enough) then you should be wary, however this isn't a sign they are doomed to fail.
  • Finally, if the tribe has an avatar, it shows that the duke, or A duke, has a premium account set up, so they aren't full of total noobs.

Good luck in finding a good tribe, and have fun!


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