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Tribal Wars - TW Stats

Updated on July 13, 2016

InnoGames are great.

They created Tribal Wars, and they keep updating the content of the game to make it better. However, they missed something. Something that was then filled in after the games release, to help tribes as a whole plan their strategies.These features include maps, an attack planner, an archive of old players on the world, a list of current players, a list of current tribes, lots of details on the player/tribes, war statistics and a few other tools that i don't use. So, they got busy, is the short way of putting it.

Here is the link to the website:


This (to the right) is an example of a map i just created on world 1, which took me about 3 minutes to make, including the time waiting for TW Stats to open, and for me to browse through the worlds, and type all the details in. So it isn't a lengthy job at the best of times.

All you have to do is set a zoom level (default is 100%, which is fine later on, but you would be lucky to have a tribe this big in the first few weeks), click a few option boxes, choose which tribes/players you want to appear, and pick their colors that will show up on the map. After you have made about 3, it becomes stupidly easy, and if i was rushing i could make a map in 10 seconds now.

Very useful for seeing your position in the world, to help with recruitment, diplomacy, and war coordination/front-line support.

Attack Planner

Ever wanted all your attacks to hit the enemies villages at the same time? Well now they can.

Granted, this takes a while to use - but when you do use it, you get given the exact time you need to send your attacks down to the second, so you can make sure the defender doesn't do anything sneaky.

I wont go through the options with you because they are self explanatory, but you will need to enter a few village coordinates into the system for it to work. Its a helpful system, but its not exactly AI - it needs all your details.

Once you have entered the unit speed, it uses them (and the coordinates you entered) to generate the time you need to send a single attack for it to land at the time you specify during the process. This is easy for one village, but you will need to repeat it quite a few times for a mass assault.

War stats

War statistics are no more than a way of showing off how well you are doing. It tends to be obvious who is winning a war, and these stats are rarely used to help strategically.

Instead, people use them in the external forums to show off the fact that they are winning a war - which tends to show that this is a rare occurrence. But that doesn't make it any less important - i believe that a tribes reputation can lead to the rise, or downfall, of its members, and its rankings, as it means better players want to join you, better tribes will ally with you, and you will probably have more experienced friends to rely on.

Other stuff

There is a lot of other stuff which is useful to take a look at, such as the top tribes/players, the worlds settings (this is important if you don't know them), live ennoblements (which shows who is being nobled at that very time, which gives you an idea of who is getting busy), and a few more little trinkets that you will probably use once in a blue moon.

Basically, my idea of TW Stats is that both the map tool and the attack planner tool are great, and have probably made a massive impact to my gaming experience, however the other stuff is just getting in the way. The war stats are fun to play with, but most of the other stuff can be found in game, or on the forums - which just means you have the added ability to ask questions about them, or seek further help.

Thanks a lot for reading, and have fun!


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