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Tribal Wars startup guide - under attack

Updated on October 26, 2011

Tribal wars can be a great, entertaining game that you fall in love with. But getting attacked is never an enjoyable feeling during the starting phase of the game, unless you know what to do about it.

If you are under attack, here are the steps you should follow:

1. Find out what is going to hit you. If you know what troops he has, or if he has already attacked in the past, then move to step 2.

If not, dodge the attack and spend/send away all your resources. I recommend sending all your resources to your smallest, or most isolated nearby barbarian village. That way, no one will attack it, and you can just recollect when your troops return.

Doing this will show you what troops the attacker has, and what you can do, so you can now move to step 2.

2. Weigh up your options as soon as possible. If their attacking troops are fairly small, then make a stand, alone, and call militia to lower the losses. I suggest building as many levels of wall as you can in the space before the next attack too. This way, you will kill most of their troops off, and you can move to step 3.

If the attacker has a lot of troops, make a support request to your tribe. And i don't mean 'Plz help, bin attackd!', i mean include who is attacking (with BB codes), your village 'In BB codes', and a report, as well as anything else that could be important.

After this, wait until you get some support incoming (keep repeating step 1 until some arrives) and then call militia, keep your troops in your village, and make sure your wall is as high as possible - then defend. Hopefully, you have wiped out their attack force. Now move onto step 3.

3. Payback time. If you have some offensive troops as well as spears/light cavalry, attack them back. Farm them. But don't forget; there is a risk that they will do what you did to them, so i suggest getting an account sitter for overnight, that will also attack the player in question.

And stay aware - if this player is fairly experienced, they may just 'backtime' your attack, meaning they send their offensive troops to dodge your attack, then arrive home a second after your attack, and send them straight afterwards. This is a widely used skill within the Tribal Wars community, so learning how to combat it is vital. I will probably make a guide on it soon.

Thanks a lot for reading, and good luck!
Have fun!


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