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Games That Will Make You Stay Home This Halloween

Updated on October 30, 2013

Fact: video games are better than Halloween; always have been, always will be. Why bother wearing ridiculous costumes, fattening up on candy, or going to boring parties this Halloween when you can experience the holiday spirit by just playing these games? By the time you finish reading this hub, you'll have canceled every ill-fated activity you had planned for tomorrow night. Also, this has absolutely nothing to do with me having no real plans for Halloween as of yet. Not at all.

Costume Quest

Too old for trick-or-treating? Double Fine's Costume Quest has you covered by capturing the fun of putting on costumes to visit random houses and collect candy from strangers without physically doing so. While the JRPG-esque battle system leaves much to be desired, exploring the neighborhood and finding new costumes is enjoyable and the charming script help make up for it's short comings. Plus you don't have to be that 30-something year old guy in the Crow get-up awkwardly competing with toddlers for sweets in a sad attempt to relive your childhood. For a more in depth look at the game, check out my Costume Quest review.

Luigi's Mansion/Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Haunted houses are a Halloween staple and since we're at the tail end of Nintendo's Year of Luigi campaign, these titles are a given. Let's face it, real haunted houses kind of suck; they're either actually haunted (which is terrifying and dangerous) or are lame, poorly constructed sideshows that make every person that enters them immediately feel like morons for doing so. At least Luigi's Mansion injects entertaining ghost catching gameplay and a bit of humor in its possessed manor. Whether you pick up the Gamecube original or the recent 3DS sequel, you really can't go wrong.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Here's another fact: whenever I visit a costume store every year, the most sought-after costume is always a Ghostbuster. Seriously, I've seen a lady strangle a dude with the cord of an inflatable proton pack for a chance at one. Instead of battling soccer moms over whether you or her spoiled son gets to be Egon Spengler, pick up the 2009 Ghostbusters game by Terminal Reality. Reuniting the cast of the films and fueled by an original script penned by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, the game may as well be called Ghostbusters 3. It's easily the best Ghostbusters game ever made and fans of the movies should check it out regardless if it's Halloween or not. Also, Bill Murray.

Candy Crush Saga

Halloween candies are the worst. They cause your teeth to deteriorate into dust and will probably kill you, thanks to the razor blades hidden inside them by your psychotic neighbors. Candy Crush Saga lets you indulge your sweet tooth without worrying about dropping thousands of dollars on an emergency filling. Anyone that has ever downloaded this game can attest to it's insanely addictive nature. You'll be so engrossed with matching up candies, you won't even notice all those impatient knocks on your door from greedy, corpulent children; and that's a good thing. Plus, there's zero possibility of finding the eternally disappointing and annoying apple or penny within these treats.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

This cult classic released long before zombies became over-exposed and cliche and since we're already hipstering our way through this holiday, playing this game is perfect. Either alone or with a buddy, you run around the neighborhood with water guns and other silly weapons blasting zombies and sparing your neighbors a grisly fate. The run-and-gun gameplay is a blast, especially when you're playing cooperatively, and you'll easily burn the night away exploring the game's dozens of levels. Your jealous friends will feel so hopelessly mainstream when you tell them you'll be playing this instead of joining them for a Walking Dead marathon or a 100th viewing of The Evil Dead.


This title is actually based on the classic John Carpenter slasher flick as opposed to the holiday. As an unnamed babysitter, you have to protect a ton of kids from Michael Myers (also unnamed, but come on) by moving from room to room and fleeing the killer whenever he shows up and... that's about it. Oh, and the Halloween theme plays every time Michael enters the room, in all it's 8-bit glory. Okay, so this game terribly dull, but it bears the holiday's name so I felt somewhat obligated to include it. Just don't go out of way unearthing your Atari 2600 to play it.

Castlevania Series

Castlevania is the ultimate amalgamation of all things Halloween, boasting an ensemble cast of supernatural creatures. Among many others, there are bats, zombies, Frankenstein monsters, ghosts, mummies and, of course, the perpetually resurrected Dracula. With so much Halloween-y goodness in one package, why even bother going outside tomorrow night? Give me one good reason. Most of the games in the series are worth playing but if you can play only one, I recommend the PSOne classic Symphony of the Night. For those looking for a more modern affair, check out the excellent Castlevania: Lords of Shadow or the most recent entry, Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate (read my review here).

Grand Theft Auto V

You know you're still playing it anyway so why not?

Do you have any games that would be great to play for Halloween? Or am I an imbecile that will hopefully choke on the next piece of candy corn I eat? Let me know in the comment below!


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