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Trivia questions, anyone?

Updated on April 13, 2015

One of my favorite things to do is play trivia games. I’m usually the one who asks questions coz it would be futile to play with the people I know who are really good at it. Here are some questions that I have gathered and some which I made. The answers are provided at the end.

1. She is the prophetess in Greek legend who foretold evil events but was fated never to be believed? Who is she?

2. Who succeeded Moses as the leader of the Israelites?

3. In chess, it is a move in which a player deliberately sacrifices a pawn or other piece in order to gain a favourable position.

4. Which Roman God is associated with agriculture?

5. In which William Borrough’s book was the term “heavy metal” first used?

6. What is the opposite point to the zenith?

7. Who do the Italians call Topolino?

8. Haka is a ritual dance from which country?


9. Who is the muppet’s comic bear?

10. What is the Scottish food made of sheep’s stomach and oatmeal called?

11. How many years are there in 10 scores?

12. Babbo Natale and Hagios Nikolaos are names for whom?

13. What European country is home to Fjords?

14. Whose favorite line is “you’re despicable”?

15. How were the cemeteries called in the Old West?

16. Montezuma belonged to what ancient race?


17. What was John Forbes Nash Jr’s favorite prime number?

18. A Dubai-based firm, Al Nassma, plans to bring what product to the rest of the world?

19. What was the name of the 2010 World Cup Mascot?

20. If the generation from 1946 -1964 are called Baby Boomers, and from 1965 – 1079 are Generation X, what do you call the babies born from 2010 up to the next 15 years?

21. What is the common name of the tropical fish Pterois volitans also known as the Frankenfish?

22. What is the Spanish word for “but”?

23. Gone with the Wind is the longest film ever to win Best Picture in the Oscars, how long was it?

24. The longest word with 180 degree symmetry?

25. What do you call a bride, who while planning her wedding becomes unreasonably obsessive, greedy and obnoxious?

14. Daffy Duck

15. Boot Hill

16. Aztecs

17. 23

18. Camel Milk Chocolate

19. Zakumi

20. Generation Alpha

21. Lionfish

22. Pero

23. 234 minutes

24. Swims

25. Bridezilla


1. Cassandra

2. Joshua

3. Gambit

4. Saturn

5. Naked Lunch

6. Nadir

7. Mickey Mouse

8. New Zealand

9. Fozzie

10. Haggis

11. 200

12. Santa Claus

13. Norway

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What types of trivia questions do you prefer?

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    • Sadie14 profile image

      Brittany B 6 years ago from U.S.

      Good idea for a topic! I love trivia games and the same questions get old really quickly.