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Trivia questions, anyone? III

Updated on April 18, 2015

So, here’s another set of 25 questions. Have fun answering! =)

1. In what country did Fatos Nano become Prime Minister?

2. What is the Annual Awards given in Advertising?

3. What Peninsula is made up of Spain and Portugal?

4. The main foods of silkworms are leaves from what tree?

5. What is the longest name mentioned in the Bible?

6. What does the name of the space shuttle “Vostok” mean?

7. What musical instrument is also called a cembalo?

8. What is the brightest asteroid in the solar system?

9. What is the main ingredient in risotto?

10. What is the national religion of Japan?

11. Which psychologist coined the terms “introvert” and “extrovert”?

12. Who is the Roman God of doorways?

13. What does an ombrometer measure?

14. What is the epic of Babylon?

15. Who is the Greek Goddess of peace?

16. What part of your body is referred to by the word “olfactory”?

17. Pogonophobia is the fear of what?

18. HO scale is the world’s most popular size of what?

19. What nation’s only female leader has been Violeta Chamorro?

20. Who called his elephant “Tantor”?

21. What molecule is named for the Greek word for “smell”, because of the odor associated with lightning storms?

22. Young wines are said to have “aroma”. What do older wines have instead?

23. What discoverer of quarks entered Yale at the age of fifteen?

24. In which Disney cartoon is the title character’s love interest named Faline?

25. What country was invaded by United States in the Operation Urgent Fury?

18. Model Railroad

19. Nicaragua

20. Tarzan

21. Ozone

22. Bouquet

23. Murray Gell-Man

24. Bambi

25. Grenada


1. Albania

2. Clio Awards

3. Iberia

4. Mulberry

5. Mahershalalhashbaz

6. East

7. Harpsichord

8. Vesta

9. Rice

10. Shintoism

11. Carl Jung

12. Janus

13. Rainfall

14. Gilgamesh

15. Eirene

16. Nose

17. Beards

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