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Trojan War Guide: Five Tips to Quickly Build Your Greek Empire

Updated on September 21, 2012

In Trojan War: Reckoning of Zeus, the strategy browser mmo from Kabam, growing your starting city-state into a formidable empire takes time. A lot of it, if you dilly-dally on production and make half-hearted attempts at conquest. If you’re looking to speed through beginner levels and accumulate the maximum amount of resources, troops and hero levels in the shortest amount of time, then follow these five surefire tips for guaranteed rapid empire-building.

Research, Build, Train, Upgrade Non-Stop

The very first thing you should do is prioritize on Build and Research. Build 3 homes, lumbermills, quarries and mines then focus on research to improve their production output. This ensures you receive a strong influx of wood, stone and metal resources even when you are offline. Nothing will crimp your empire’s growth more than resource poverty, since you will not be able to do anything. No research improvements for your buildings or heroes. No building upgrades. No military training to replenish your ranks. No troop upgrades.

After establishing your resource economy, then you can pretty much do anything. The most important strategy is to Research, Build, Train (and Upgrade whenever you haven’t hit the War Academy limits) anything and everything you can. Just keep those queues running or else you’re losing precious production time. You’ll soon learn that the steady stream of hourly resources as well as the bonus resources you gain from completing production-related achievements can sustain your fast production pace. Slacking off is fine if you’re enjoying Trojan War as a casual game. But if you’re really serious about building the best empire in the shortest amount of time, then fire up production on all cylinders.

Keep Your Character Marching…

Your hero level is one of your most important combat stats, and it only inches up when you engage in battles. Command your character to fight lower-to-equal level enemies to earn constant experience while losing minimal troops. Steadily raising your hero level will unlock more troop slots and divine powers, which will prove essential to winning higher-level battles.

…But Don’t Be Overambitious

Should you crave for challenge, resist the urge to eat more than you can chew. Why? Because the possibility of winning is slim and the risk of losing is too costly to ignore. Look at your hero level and click on a territory tile you’d like to invade. If you do not match the defending enemy hero level, then look for one that you match or exceed. Losing a fight will net you little experience and lose you a great deal of your army, which will require you to spend more minutes on replenishing your ranks. It’s not worth the underdog effort. Stick to raiding weaker enemies and build up experience until you’re strong enough to face those tougher tiles.

Join an Alliance

This may be blasphemous, but the Greek gods in-game aren’t actually the ones you should pay patronage to. Instead the honor should go to the Alliance members from whom you will learn the most practical advice in-game. No other strategy will transition you from beginner to budding pro than participating in Alliance play (well, except maybe for the last one below.) Ultra-specific but ultimately valuable lessons like which territories to attack at what level and how to beat those endgame adversaries can only come from veterans who have been there and done that.

Purchase Laurels

Trojan War is a free to play game, so naturally the four preceding tips can be availed without spending a single cent. But if digging deep into your wallet is not an issue, then consider purchasing laurels. Laurels are a special currency that can instantly finish production and hero actions. The strategy is simple: Purchase Laurels, click click, profit! There’s no reason to feel guilty about spending on laurels because you’ll be that big spender who earns the developer money and who indirectly supports countless other free players. Remember though to spare beginners who are slowly creeping their way forward; challenge instead other big spenders and veteran free players who can match your cash-fueled might.

About Michael

Michael lives for MMOs. You can catch him spamming alts in every online game imaginable from the standard-bearers like World of Warcraft to Kickstarter-funded upstarts and everything in between. He is a contributing writer at MMO Play.


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