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Tron DIY Outfit – Making It Easy!

Updated on May 27, 2015

These days, people are fascinated seeing the new tron outfits used in the movie Tron Legacy. These costumes are specifically made for the sci-fi movie. Soon after their announcement, these outfits have managed to draw more response across the globe. At the same time there are also people who want to make these outfits on their own, but they often find it a tough job to accomplish. If you have also tried for it and failed, then its time to know the tricks for making tron outfits. Don’t get too fascinated by the movie and never think that making of such costume is a real tough job. It’s the use of EL wire or known as the electroluminescent wire that can really make the task look easier.

In the movie they have also used the EL wire and EL Panels to make your own DIY Glow tron costumes. In fact it’s quite easy to make these types of costumes with the EL wire. But when you are preparing such costume you need to pay more attention to the authenticity, design and finishing of the products. You can also use the EL tape for the making of tron outfit. It will offer you authenticity for the final product. However, it’s the properties and the implementation of EL tape can offer you more difficulties while making such special costumes.


It’s the making of tron DIY outfit that may appear so easy before you when you are using EL wire for its making. EL wires are thin copper wire which also includes a neon glow that will light up the place when there is darkness.

Well, this sort of costume is also gaining more popularity among people when they are going to Halloween parties. It has developed into a new fad, to glow at evening gatherings, and what better costume to mimic than a glow in the dark tron costume. Using EL wire for the making of EL wire tron costume can also offer you a great chance to get finished product. In case, hoodies as well as t-shirts are not going the cut for next big Tron costume party, then you have good choices: either make own or else have someone design your very own costumes for you. EL Wire & EL tape is how effects are done in movie, and you can now have your glow in the dark tron costume within no time.


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