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Tronic Revamped HD Minecraft Texture Pack (32 x 32)

Updated on February 2, 2011
For more texture packs and Minecraft mods, visit:
For more texture packs and Minecraft mods, visit: | Source

Tronic has always been one of my favorite texture packs because it's so simple and slick. I initially reviewed it as part of my top three simple Minecraft texture packs, but now its back and more HD than ever!

For fully effective installation you'll need Mr MMods and Xau's HD Texture Fix patcher, but if you simply want to just see what Tronic looks like, then you can simply download the .zip, unzip it again to extract the two texture packs inside (they're both essentially the same thing, but one offers invisible armor so that you can see other player skins when you're on a multiplayer server.) Without running the HD Texture Fix patcher there may be glitches in your game however, with bricks appearing to be made of portals and fire.

Otherwise, Tronic Revamped appears to work very well indeed. Paintings have been replaced with NES Sprite art, which may or may not please you, depending on how you feel about sprite art. The texture pack was put together with many of the elements from the original Tronic, so it should feel fairly familiar to you if you used the old version of Tronic (in which brick didn't work either) however Tronic Revamped also takes elements from Frenden's Texture Pack and other sources to create a more solid experience for the player.

If I had to make a complaint it would probably simply be that it is difficult to ascertain why one would bother with an HD texture pack if you're looking to minimize the graphic experience of the game. That I can't answer. Maybe you like your simple colors to be very high definition. Maybe you like the term HD even if it makes very little difference to your life, or maybe you just want the pretty light blue water that comes with an HD texture pack in place of the relatively ugly default Minecraft water in which little strands of current are always emerging to make your day just that little bit more ugly.

(Apparently the reason for this texture pack being in HD is the fact that HD allows for that clean bevel line along the edge of the blocks. If this weren't an HD texture pack, that bevel line would have to be a clunky 1/ 16th of the block and that would make the baby jebus cry.)

At any rate, Tronic is one of the more popular HD texture packs that is fully compatible with most mods and texture pack fixes, and Tronic Revamped is going to be a boon for anyone who enjoys its simple, clean style.

Download Tronic Revamped


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