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Trophies for Major League Baseball 2k9

Updated on June 25, 2011

Break Down of the Trophies

If you're like me, when you pop in a game disc into your Playstation 3, you immediately go check out the trophy list to see what all must be done to officially beat the game.  Major League Baseball 2K9 was no exception for me.  I recently bought this game for real cheap on Amazon because it was released last year.  This game comes with several 'hidden' trophies.  I have discovered all these trophies and, along with the rest of the trophies, have compiled a comprehensive list for you.

The game includes the ever-so-obvious one platinum trophy, along with 2 gold trophies, 5 silver trophies, and 42 bronze trophies.  All of these trophies are moderately easy to get, as long as you are trying to get them.  The game includes some trophies that require online game play to get, which I am not a fan of, but there's not many.  I would guesstimate that it would take about 40 or so hours of dedicated game play to unlock all of these trophies.  Of course, it will take longer if you just play the game at a casual pace without regard to the trophies.  Luckily, there is no downloadable content that adds to the amount of trophies required.  So now that we've got that squared away, let's delve in to the 50 trophies of MLB 2K9.

Platinum & Gold Trophies

Platinum Trophy:

  • The one Platinum trophy is called Grand Poobah conveniently enough. As you could guess, this trophy is earned by unlocking the other 49 trophies throughout the game.

Gold Trophies:

  • Team 2K - This trophy is accomplished by beating a Team 2K member, or by beating an opponent that has already unlocked this feature. Finding online opponents is getting harder and harder as this game ages, so you may want to go ahead and try to accomplish this.
  • Untouchable - This is one of the hidden trophies. As you can imagine, this is accomplished by throwing a no hitter with one pitcher in a game.

Silver Trophies

  • Unhittable - If you accomplish the Untouchable gold trophy you'll earn this one too. This one is earned by not giving up any hits in a game. The difference in this one and the Untouchable is that this trophy will allow you to use more than one pitcher to accomplish it.
  • Ya Can't Get Fooled Again - Another hidden trophy, this is accomplished by a 'Strike em out, throw em out' play, i.e. after striking out an opponent, you'll have to catch a baserunner stealing all with the same play.
  • That's All Folks - A hidden trophy that is accomplished by a walk-off home run, i.e. hit a home run in the bottom of the 9th to win the game.
  • This Old Man Came Rolling Home - A hidden trophy that is accomplished by stealing home. Not quite as easy as it sounds, but it's do able.
  • Vicious Cycle - The last silver trophy is also a hidden trophy. To unlock it, you'll need to hit for the cycle: a single, a double, a triple, & a homer.

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Bronze Trophies

  • Long Balls - All you have to do is hit 25 home runs with your user profile. Easy enough.
  • Even More Long Balls - Add 25 more to the 25 you've already got, you'll have 50. You'll also unlock this trophy.
  • The Most Long Balls - You'll need to hit 100 home runs on your user profile to unlock this one. Should be easily accomplished throughout one season.
  • Feel the Heat - Strike out 25 batters with your user profile.
  • That Guy's Not Throwing it Nice - Keep striking those batters out. You'll need to strikeout 50 batters to unlock this one.
  • There's a Hole in my Bat - This trophy requires striking 100 batters out with your user profile. They add up fast once you get into the groove.
  • Catch Me if You Can - Steal 25 bases with your user profile.
  • Slippery When Wet - Once you get your timing down, stealing another 25 bags shouldn't be a problem. To unlock this trophy, steal 50 bases on your user profile.
  • Good Things Always Happen in 3's - Hit three home runs in a game.
  • It's a Good Day to Be a Hitter - While you're hitting those three homers, hit one more to unlock this trophy.
  • Grab Some Pine - To unlock this trophy, you are required to strike out 12 batters in a game.
  • Pining Away - This trophy will require you to strike out 15 batters in one game.
  • Unstoppable - You'll need to score 10 runs in one game to unlock this bronze trophy.
  • Has Anyone Seen the Fat Lady? - This trophy is accomplished by scoring 15 runs in one game. Unless you screw up big time, you should win this game.
  • Sticky Fingers - Steal 4 bases in one game.
  • Cat Burglar - Steal 6 bases in one game. You'll need a game situation in which the guy behind the plate is not too quick and doesn't have a cannon for an arm.
  • Flawless - Win a shutout game, i.e. don't let the other team score.
  • It's Alive - This one is simple, just create a player. You know you want to see your name on the back of those pinstripes.
  • Man-Crush - Hit a home run with Tim Lincecum. This trophy is somewhat bizarre, but its got to be done. Tim has some surprising batting power for a pitcher, so it's not super hard to do, but don't expect it on his first at-bat.
  • Chicks Dig the Long Ball - All you have to do is win the Home Run Derby on the classic setting. It's not that difficult to the first try on rookie mode.
  • I Could Have Been a Contender - To unlock this trophy, you'll need to play a ranked game online.
  • Two Turn Tables... - All you'll have to do is create a 2k beats play list. Easy to do, but has nothing to do with playing baseball.
  • Absolute Power - You'll need to hit 40 home runs in one season with one player. This has a 20 game minimum, but you're gonna need more than 20 games unless you're extremely lucky.
  • May the Best Man... - You'll have to win 20 games in one season with the same pitcher. This is a good time to multitask with Timmy Lincecum.
  • Centennial Man - You'll need to drive in at least 100 RBI's with the same player in one season to unlock this one.
  • Show Stopper - Save 40 games in one season with the same pitcher.
  • Bicentennial Man - Strike out 200 batters in one season with the same pitcher. Yes, this is another good time to utilize Tim Lincecum.
  • There Can Only Be One - To grab this trophy, you'll need to win the World Series in Franchise mode. You don't have to play a 162 game season, just pick a season length over 20 games.
  • If You Build It... - You'll have to create a card team with the ballcards you unlock.
  • Spring Training - This one is fairly easy, all you'll need to do is tryout all four of the practice modes available on MLB 2K9.
  • King of the Hill - To accomplish this one, you'll need to climb to the top of the Best of the Best ladder on Home Run Derby mode.
  • Alone at the Top - Win the World Series in Postseason mode. I think you can sim the first few games, and only play the last one to unlock this, but that takes the fun out of it.
  • Hard Knocks - This is hidden bronze trophy. This will require some sloppy pitching, you'll need to hit three batters in a row. Not exactly something to win a trophy about.
  • Expect the Unexpected - This is the last of the hidden trophies. You'll need to drive in a run with a pitcher. If you hit a homer with Lincecum, you'll kill two birds with one stone.
  • Hurlers - You'll need to unlock all the ball cards of pitchers in the game.
  • Crushers - You'll need to unlock all the ball cards of the batters in the game.
  • Teamwork - You'll need to unlock all 9 cards of one team to get this trophy.
  • Spread the Wealth - You'll have to unlock one ball card from each of the 30 teams.
  • A Man for All Seasons - You'll have to unlock 10 ball cards of the classic players.
  • One Hundo - Unlock 100 ball cards to grab this trophy.
  • Two Hundo - Unlock 200 ball cards to grab this one.
  • All the tea... - Finally, you'll need to unlock all 320 player ball cards to get this trophy.

Now that you've added 50 more trophies to your collection, it's time to move on to Major League Baseball 2K10 to unlock some more. I'll have information for that game once it comes down in price in the future.

Screenshots from MLB 2K9

Tim Lincecum
Tim Lincecum
Evan Longoria
Evan Longoria


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