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True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part One

Updated on April 11, 2018
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I play a lot of video games on the Xbox 360, Xbox one, Nintendo switch, game cube, PS2, and on my android phone and tablet.

All rights to creators.
All rights to creators. | Source

The Story

It follows a woman named Holly Stonehouse, she awakes from a nightmare to receive a letter in the middle of the night from her missing sister that leads her to an old abandoned house. While investigating the decrepit home things begin to get spooky.

All rights to the creator
All rights to the creator | Source

The Break Down

I will break the game into four categories, Game play, Controls, Graphics, and An overall score.

Game Play: (4/5)

The game consists of search and find, plus puzzles to play. You look in the rooms to find objects to use on other objects to unlock rooms, and continue the story. Most of the time, it's easy to see what your next objective is, other times it's not so straightforward. However, there is a hint button available when you get lost or stuck. I personally did not find this game overly scary, but it was defiantly creepy.

Controls: (5/5)

The game is easy to navigate, to move to another room you simply tap the door you wish to enter. To inspect something it's the same, simply tap it. To use an object you have previously picked up you just drag it from your inventory at the bottom to the object you wish to interact with.

Graphics: (4/5)

No noticeable glitches. All of the objects were of the same style so nothing easily stood out. The house looked incredibly creepy as did the doll, and mannequin, which both of those things I find unsettling, so they made a good choice including them.

Over All: (4/5)

I loved this game, the version I played was only a free demo but, I am incredibly interested in purchasing the full version when I get the chance. As previously stated, the game wasn't scary, but very creepy. I would recommend it to anyone who likes horror and puzzle games.

The demo is available for free on google play store, the full version is also available for purchase for a reasonable fee.

All rights to the creators.
All rights to the creators. | Source

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