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Top Fun Games to Play With Friends and Family

Updated on April 16, 2018

Are you at a party or planning one and looking for a way to lighten the mood? Excellent! Then you are in the right place, try out some of these top party games to bring the giggles no matter the event.

Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever been to the city of New York is just one of the many questions you can ask when playing this with friends.

The rules are simple. Just ask, "Never have I ever...question". For example, you can ask, "Never have I ever listen to imagine dragons". If your friend has done it then they have to drink. If they haven't done it then the next person asks the next question.

Check out some of these cool "never have I ever" questions:

  1. Never have I ever used Facebook at a library.
  2. Never have I ever worn Crocs.
  3. Never have I ever tried a Vegan Burger.
  4. Never have I ever won a game of Monopoly.
  5. Never have I ever been awake for 2 days or more.
  6. Never have I ever danced on a bar.
  7. Never have I ever been on TV or on the radio.
  8. Never have I ever bought a designer pair of shoes.
  9. Never have I ever tried baking.
  10. Never have I ever ate rotten food.
  11. Never have I ever played Tap Tap Revenge.
  12. Never have I ever owned an Apple device.
  13. Never have I ever excreted on a farm.
  14. Never have I ever slept for more than 12 hours.
  15. Never have I ever been pretended to fall and actually fell.
  16. Never have I ever ridden a motorcycle.
  17. Never have I ever damaged property that was lent to me.
  18. Never have I ever sent an important text to the wrong person.
  19. Never have I ever driven two or more vehicles on the same day.
  20. Never have I ever crop dusted anyone.

Even more here: Top 500+ Never Have I Ever Questions Game

Keep calm and play truth or dare
Keep calm and play truth or dare

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is one of the most popular party games! Luckily it is quite simple to play. Your opponent chooses whether they want to play either "Truth" or "Dare".


If you opponent chooses Dare then they have to do whatever you dare them to do. If they refuse to do it then, they have to drink. Who asks who what questions is determined by spinning a bottle. The person behind the bottom of the bottle dares the person the bottle is facing.


If your opponent chooses Truth, then you ask them a question (remember who asks who is determined by spinning a bottle). Usually, a very embarrassing question and they have to answer truthfully. If they fail to answer, they have to drink.


What's the song

Another simple yet addictive game. As the name suggests, you have to guess the song. A snippet of the song can be played or, you can hum the song or lists facts about the song until your opponent guesses correctly.

For example, one of the band's members is now also an actor. They were five people in the band, and their biggest hit music video had in some form of puppets. Now it is your turn, name the song!

The answer would be Nsync Bye Bye Bye.

Would You Rather

Would you Rather can not only be played at parties but also over text. Choose two statements which are comparably outrageous such as:

Would you rather live in an igloo vs Would you rather live with Kanye West

Let your opponent pick the more bearable of the two statements then move on to the next question. See some examples below:

Would you rather eat only vegetables for the rest of your life
Would you rather hurt a cute puppy
Would you rather skydive
Would you rather bungee jump
Would you rather dance all night
Would you rather drink all night
Would you rather be impaled
Would you rather drown
Would you rather go to Europe
Would you rather go the USA
Would you rather read a dictionary
Would you rather read the bible
Would you rather meet the president
Would you rather meet a celebrity
Would you rather use a desktop for life
Would you rather use a laptop for life
Would you rather dye your hair bright yellow
Would you rather go bald
Would you rather a new phone
Would you rather a new laptop

Note: I would rather the new phone mine is ancient now.

There is no real winner in this game but its fun to see what others prefer as it might differ from your own preferences.

Two Truths and a Lie

How many of you have heard of "two truths and a lie"? A simple game to help friends and couples bond and have fun while learning about each other. All you need to play is each other.

Step 1: Either you or your friend can think of two true statements and one false statement (which sound real) about yourself.

Step 2: Have your friend guess which statement is false from the three statements.

Step 3: If they guessed correctly, your friend earned one point. If incorrect then they lose a point

Step 4: Then let your friend choose their two truths and a lie, while you guess which is the lie.

Step 4: Repeat until complete!

Examples of Truths

  1. I prefer plain cereal over milk.
  2. Reading annoys me but I definitely want to start back.
  3. Hats feel like socks for the head.
  4. I think Conor McGregor is the greatest MMA fighter ever.
  5. I once flew to Italy to buy a particular candy then left.
  6. I never smoked weed.
  7. 2016 was my worst year.
  8. Sometimes I wear glasses without lenses.
  9. I watch New Girl religiously.
  10. I build a windmill when I was only 8-years-old.
  11. I always had two dogs if any died they were replaced.
  12. I always had an Apple and Android device.
  13. YouTube feels like a continuous movie to me.
  14. I went to a gym today and was grossed out by it. Maybe that is why membership is only 3 dollars.
  15. I think IRacing is the best racing simulation game.

Example of Lies

  1. I decided to scare some kids by doing prison workouts in a play park.
  2. I only went to the beach five times in my life.
  3. I think making money is easy.
  4. I firmly believe your life is not what you make it but what it throws at you.
  5. I think Ronda Rousey is a fake fighter.
  6. I have never driven a car over 80 before.
  7. I think plants are annoying because you have to always water them.
  8. I think it takes at least two people to come up with a very good idea.
  9. I prefer a Mac over PC.
  10. I think CDs are still very relevant.
  11. Blackberry smartphones are known for their speed.
  12. Green is my favorite color.
  13. "Two Truths and a lie" is only for couples.
  14. I would prefer to have a tablet rather than a phone.
  15. I want to get rid of my BlackBerry for an iPhone.

Which of these games do you like the most?

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