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Tunnels for Kids – Outdoor Toys For Kids

Updated on February 25, 2011
Tunnels for kids
Tunnels for kids

Buy A Toy Tunnel For Kids

Perfect outdoor toys for really energetic children are play tunnels for kids. These are great when the weather is sunny because you can let your children loose in the garden and they will be entertained for hours on end.

These toys are suitable for young babies and toddlers and are a great way to help improve their personal development and overall movement skills.

Here are a few great tunnels for kids that are currently available to buy from Amazon today.

Pacific Play Tents Find Me Tunnels For Kids

This multi coloured tunnel can be purchased as a standalone play thing or can be bought in combination with the play tent from the Pacific Play Tents Find Me range. It meets all of the safety specifications so you can be sure that your child will be playing in complete safety.

It is made from a flame retardant 70 denier nylon and this particular kids tunnel measures 6 inches in length when it is extended to its full size.

There is a 19 inch diameter so there is more than enough space for a child to scramble through. The tunnel maintains its shape because of the integrated spring steel rings that have been attached at regular intervals.

This plaything can be used outside in the garden or you can take it away with you on your vacation or to the park. This is easily done as it collapses in on itself for very compact storage.

Schylling Peek A Boo Tunnels for kids
Schylling Peek A Boo Tunnels for kids

Schylling Peek A Boo Tunnel

This is another great toy tunnel for children and perhaps is a better choice if you feel that your little one may be a bit more secure with this transparent plaything.

The Schylling Peek A Boo tunnel has been constructed with sturdy waterproof polyester with the upper half made with a see through mesh.

You can see your child clearly and they will be able to see you. This is a great advantage for younger kids who are just being to venture about on their own. You will be able to keep an eye on their movements and they still get to have lots of fun.

This tunnel measures 59 inches in length and has a diameter that is 18 inches. You can purchase this toy tunnel on its own or you can attach it to other products from the Pop Up Co line toys.

This is a wonderful toy for use in the garden during the long summer days or if you have a large enough playroom in your home, you can also set up the tunnel inside too.


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