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Types of Ken Dolls 1961-1993

Updated on February 14, 2017



Ken Dolls: 1961-1968

The first Ken doll was made in 1961. Since then there have been many other versions with a variety of outfits and accessories. The 1961 doll had flocked hair which came in blonde or brunette.
In 1962 the same doll had painted on hair.
By 1965 Ken had bendable legs and again was available with blonde or brunette hair.
In 1968 the talking Ken doll was created.

Ken Dolls: 1970's


In 1970 the bendable leg Ken was still available but by 1971 several more Ken dolls were created.

The Busy Hand, Sunset Malibu, Live Action and Live Action Onstage were followed in 1972 by the Busy Talking, Mod Hair Ken, Walk Lively and the Montgomery Ward Special Ken.

1973 brought the new Look Ken and in 1974 Sun Valley, Free Moving and Fun Times Ken dolls made their debut.
For 1976 Malibu Ken was created.

1978 brought Hawaiian Ken, Superstar and Superstar 30th anniversary black and white.

Ken Dolls: 1980's

Roller Skating Ken and Sport-N-Shave Ken were done in 1980 followed by All Star Ken and Fashion Jeans Ken in 1981.

1982 gave us Dream Date Ken, Horse Loving Ken and Super Sport.

1983 was a big year with Crystal Ken, black and white versions, Great Shapes Ken; Sun Gold Malibu Ken in black and white and Hawaiian Ken.

The new one for 1984 was Sea Loving Ken.

1985 was another big year. Dream Glow Ken in black and white; Tropical Tan Ken in black and white; Music Loving Ken; and the Sun Gold Malibu Hispanic version came out.

1986 brought Jewel Secrets black and Jewel Secrets with rooted hair. It also brought Tennis Ken.

1987 brought Island Fun Ken, Dr. Ken and Dance Club Ken. Cool Times Ken came out in 1988.

1989 gave us Flight Time Ken, All Stars ken, My First Ken (1st issue), Western Ken, Western Fun Ken and the Wet-N- Wild Ken.

End of the Ken Era

Dance Magic, Ice Capades and My First Ken came out in 1990.

In 1991 we had All American Ken, Costume Ball Ken in black and white, My First Ken and Ski Fun Ken.

1993 brought the Earring Magic Ken.

Variety of Prices

The Ken Dolls will always be an important collectible in the antiques field.

The values vary with the older ones being the most valuable. One only needs to look at auction sites and past sales to see the variety of prices ken Dolls have brought.

Collectors should remember that a doll that is still in the original packaging will be worth more than one with no packaging.

The condition of the doll is also very important. A doll that was played with will show signs of wear and tear which will lessen the value.

An older doll in its original package could bring a a hundred dollars or more.One that has some wear may only sell for ten or fifteen dollars.

Ken Dolls


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    • galleryofgrace profile image

      galleryofgrace 6 years ago from Virginia

      Thanks, I just read your rusty penny article. Was trying to clean an old jar of green pennies yesterday. Super.

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      Annie 6 years ago from NewYork

      useful and informative