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Types of online games: Their uses, applications and disadvantages.

Updated on August 17, 2011

Types of online games

Online games are a greatest pass time for many as they are handy, easily accessible and also mostly free. Their accessibility is even growing due to rise in availability of internet to the greater number of population even in developing countries. Online games have become a billion dollar business industry on the net. It is further rapidly growing in terms of the number of users and also time spent by users in a day. So there are many websites which offer various types and categories of online games to gain certain class of viewer-ship.

In broader sense these online games cane divided into different types like.

1. Online games for kids,

2. Online games for girls or women

3. Online games for youth and elders

4.Online games for gamblers.

These online games have their own set of uses, applications and disadvantages.

Cartoon network games


Online games for kids

There are many types of games for kids like animated fighting, shooting, racing types including animated cartoon network games.

The cartoon types are aimed at kids specifically while other games are aimed at higher aged group audiences also.

These games are very appealing to kids and help to keep them a hoem if you have a PC connected to Internet at home.

Girl games

Online games for girls or women

The thought that games are primarily for men has vanished with the entry of online games. The girls targeted games are of diverse types.

They serve to provide not only pass-time for girls but also enhance their skill or atleast satisfy their quest of imagination for makeup, dressing, cooking etc though they don't adopt them in their worldly life.

Girls can be divided as Make-up games (beautician), cooking games, dressing games and many more.

Even other simple games played by kids and elders also serve their pass time needs.


Online games for youth and elders

These games can be of types like

1. War related: Like animated air-combat games, terrorist-strike games etc.

2. Vehicle or race type: These can be car race games, bike race games etc.

3. Sports and games type: Like boxing, wrestling, cricket, football etc.

Casino games

Online games for gamblers

These games mostly are addictive type. They may end you up spending money some times. But of-course you have even free casino games to play online.

Some of the casino games include.

1. Roulette:a gambling game in which a ball is dropped on to a revolving wheel with numbered compartments, the players betting on the number at which the ball comes to rest.

2. Blackjack: A North American a gambling card game in which players try to acquire cards with a face value totaling 21 and no more

play slots, play poker, horse race games etc.

Uses of online games

Making money: Online games are a good sources to make money. Sometimes if you are lucky, you play a game earn high points and also a chance to win cash prices.

If you are a programmer you candevelop a game and sell it to sites for good sum.

Advertisers, webmasters make good money due to large number of visitors to sites.

For fun: Online games are absolute sources of fun and pass time for guys of every age group.

For refreshment or recreation: Many games online are of short-time unlike video games. So if you are in an office tired by your work, you can have short game as a refreshment.

For imaginative quest satisfaction: Many people have imaginations for different sort like dressing, makeup, cooking etc by girls, racing, fighting, playing by guys though may no be possible in real world.

For gambling: For those who have desire for gambling and don't like to go for open gambling clubs this is a hide and seek sort of option for them to play gambling games online right from their rooms.

Disadvantages of online games

They are addictive: This can be seen by large number of returning visitors to same site. This addiction spoils valuable time of the player.

They tend to enhance laziness: Among kids and children this effect can be prominent. They may lose interest to physical sports and games which can lead to their weak body build up.

Loss of or wastage of valuable time: Since there are large number of games, one may be interested in many number of games. So time required to play all of them increases wasting your time,

Loses to the company: In terms of time spent by employees in official work. Many tend to play them secretly. Since they are also addictive the time spent is more and for longer periods.

Damage to eyes: Since player sits before system for long periods, the screen radiation can be damaging to eyes especially for kids.

Loss of money: You may lose money if you play gambling games. Some non-gambling games even require payment for better or further access. So chances of money spent is more.


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