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Ufc 2010 Undisputed Best Ground Fighters

Updated on August 12, 2010

Many of you will have read my other successful hubs on both ufc 2009 undisputed and ufc 2010 undisputed,in this particular hub i will be telling you which fighters are the best to use if you prefer the ground game or even if you don't but you want to work on your ground game without getting dominated then these are the fighters to use,Quite simply the best of the best when it comes to Brazilian jiu jitsu.Also some of the best grapplers on the ground.Using these fighters you will be able to access ground moves that some of the other fighters may not have leaving your opponents in your wake online!!.

Weight Classes

I will be giving you a run down of the best ground fighters in each weight class and telling you their ground grappling offence and submission offence skills,some of the weight classes have many and some have just a couple but it will help you gain an advantage.

Light Weight Division

                                    Submission Offence                 Ground Grappling 

Bj Penn                        85                                                82

Kenny Florian              80                                                76

Matt Serra                    81                                                78 

Hermes Franca            80                                                 76

Joe Lauzon                  83                                                  83

Welter Weight Division

                                   Submission Offence         Ground Grappling

GSP                            77                                         84

Matt Hughes                82                                         82

Bj Penn                       85                                          82

Matt Serra                    81                                         78

Paulo Thiago              83                                           78

Carlos Condit              81                                           81

Dustin Hazelett            88                                           85

Middle Weight Division

                                                Submission Offence    Ground Grappling 

Damien Maia                            90                                   86

Dan Miller                                 80                                     80

Ricardo Almeida                       82                                      81

Light Heavy Weight Division

                                      Submission Offence         Ground Grappling

Lyoto Machida               76                                         78

Mauricio Shogun Rua    77                                          76

Heavy Weight Division

                                           Submission Offence       Ground Grappling

Frank Mir                            87                                       82

Nogueira                             86                                       84

Gabriel Gonzaga                 80                                       79

Fabricio Werdum                 84                                       80

Stefan Struve                       84                                       80

Summing up

As i think you will probably see from these results and would know if you watched a lot of ufc is that middleweight Damien Maia is by far the best ground expert out there,but for the purest in you you may want to go for dustin hazelett who is nearly as good and has a much longer reach should you wish to stand and strike.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thiago Silva Best Striker and also Todd Duffee is brilliant on ground anyone wanna chat email me i love undisputed 2010

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I think you should add a few fighters, they may not be good at submitting, but groundfighting isnt only sub.

      Those I had i mind is Brock, having the highest groundstriking offence in the game, could add Shane Carwin aswell. And for light heavyweight Rampage. I think they have pretty high Sub defence. And makes em sub-smashers.


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