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Ufc 2010 Undisputed Upgrades

Updated on July 15, 2012

Ufc 2010 undisputed is on its way and personally i cant wait,throughout this hub i will explain all the new upgrades over the previous game and how this one will be so much better.The first game which came out in may 2009 was an unexpected success,as all previous mma games had not been good at all,yet thq managed to make it look authentic and at the same time easy to play,sure the ground game needed you to put some time in and practice but hey it was worth it the first time you put someone to sleep with a choke hold.You could tell the first game was a success when you visited all the mma forums and there were people arguing about what they wanted to see in the next game,Thq listened and now they are back with the all new version for this year and man does it look good.

Ufc Undisputed 2010

The Ground Game

1:More punches can be thrown before your opponent attempts to transition block

2:3 times as many postions available to your fighter from the ground such as crucifix and mounting from the back,stretching your opponent out and hammering him

3:A completley new posture system that allows you to throw punches from inside the guard

4:You can now grab your opponents wrists to stop him performing any moves or punching you

Standing Up

1: The biggest new feature is the ability to dodge,duck and sway away from your opponents attacks therefore making it a possibility to be able to dodge then perfectly counter punch your opponent

2:You can now switch to southpaw mid fight with some of the fighters

3: Catching kicks,you can now catch your opponents kicks and then counter punch or take your opponent down

4:Leg kicks will now effect how your opponent can fight ie making it dificult for him to push off on his lead leg therfore slowing him down and giving you an advantage

5:When your attacks are hurting your opponent it is now possible for you to see the pain on his face and he will limp or protect his hurt side.


1: A completely new submission system which makes it easier to see if you are winning with the submission as the camera will close in but if your opponent is working his way out then the camera will move out.

2:The shine system now works 2 ways and they have removed button bashing completley

3:Flash submissions

4:The number of submissions have more than doubled 

5:Submission transitions,if your not doing well in one but can sense your opponent is weak then transition into another.


1:New fighting styles,Sambo,Greco Roman Wrestling,and karate

2:Cage physics you can now pin your opponent against the cage to increase your advanatge

3:You can now get rocked from any position

4:Transitions between takedowns

5:Doctors will now be seen inside the cage attending fighters

6:Cuts will now stop fights if they are bad

7:Bruce Buffer will now do his signature spin

8:Fighters will now react when Buffer announces them and there is a range of things your fighter may do

9:T-shirts and apparel is now worn by the fighters after the fights

10:Post fight weigh-ins are now included as is the ability to disrespect your opponent at the weight in

11:More realistic fighters and crowd

12:New refs

13:New camera angles

14:The game is watching you.Joe rogan and goldie will now refer to your previous fights and talk as if they have watched all your fights and will comment on things you always do.

15:Interviews after the fights

16:Online fight camps for you and your pals

17:Create your own custom banners

Create a Fighter

1:35 new Nicknames added
2: You can choose your own stand-up style: Orthodox, Orthodox - Southpaw, Southpaw and Southpaw Orthodox
3:You can choose from 10 different stances: Power Fighter, Tight/Upright Boxer, Flicke, Muay thai A, Muay Thai B, Wrestling, Karate, Hunched, MMA and Tall fighter
4: You can wear fitted hats, Beanies, T-Shirts, GIs, Hoodies 

5: You can choose how you react against your opponent when the ref tells you to touch gloves. 
6: You can choose how to celebrate when you win.
7: Tattoos are Drag and Drop this year, means can you got full freedom to place them wherever you like and however you like.
8: There are 59 Hair Style options.
9: 20 Side Burn options available.
10: 6 Body Hair Options.

11: Created fighters will now use individual movesets.
12:You can now choose from about 200 different moves
13: You can choose your CAF's voice
14: You can either write down your name or choose from 100+ templated names wich Bruce Buffer will announce

What are you looking forward to most in UFC 2010 Undisputed

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    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 7 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

      @luke yeah course u can,any ideas for the camp name,i currently have "warchild's warriors" or "camp chaos" or camp crucify",any ideas listened to.I will be getting it saturday morning as working all day tomorrow,i will be on for a bit sat and sun but on all day wed and thur,big fight sat night rampage vs rashad!!!!!

    • profile image

      Luke 7 years ago

      Hey can I join your fight camp plz I'm good on ufc I'm getting it tomorrow I'm on xbox 360 thanks!!

    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 7 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

      @jack yeah m8 me either,proper up for this game!!!

    • profile image

      jack molsley 7 years ago

      can't fuckin waittt!!!!!!

    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 7 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

      @sam7211 yeah i know i preordered mine about 2 weeks ago,only porb is i cant get it till the saturday and porb wont be able to play it till the following wed thurs as im working all weekend :(

    • profile image

      Sam7211 7 years ago

      cant wait for this pre ordered speacial edition and everything

    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 7 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england

      @ryan yeah i cant wait neither,if ur on xbox then add me and join my camp,got about 5 or s0 other fifa UT users on here that are joining be a good laugh!!

    • profile image

      Ryan 7 years ago

      cant wait for this game nice tips warchild :)