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Ultimate AION Guide: How To Make More Money in Aion [Part Two Of Three]

Updated on August 3, 2012

With this guide I am showing the various ways you can use to be rich in Aion videogame.
In order to follow this guide in all its 3 parts, you should better start from Part One, which is found here:
Ultimate AION Guide: How To Make More Money in Aion [Part One Of Three]

We will go through more kinah opportunities right on.

Some quests will offer kinah, armors or weapons, aside the typical EXP. Do not miss these quests while levelling up.
Some quests will offer kinah, armors or weapons, aside the typical EXP. Do not miss these quests while levelling up.

Quests And Rewards

Some quests give bonus rewards, such as armor pieces, weapons or purely kinah. Do not miss these ones, even if kinah is too few and even if you don't need the armor you are given. You can always sell or "break" to enchantment stones. Actually, this technique can earn you much money in later stages of the game. Items which drop in instance or bosses that are not needed by other members of your group and end up to you through roll dice can be sold as-is or broken to enchantment stones. These stones enhance equipment stats and can be sold for very high amounts of money, so keep this technique in mind before you attempt to sell them in vendor.

There is however a chance that they do not generate high enchantment stones, but I feel that it is worth the try. Note here that any equipment which is "broken" (actually real term is that stones are extracted from it through extraction tools sold in General Goods merchant) will be destroyed and disappear from your inventory, so be really careful when you are extracting.

Learn how to search more effectively in broker, and locate those "hidden" offers. Show those "nyerks" how real business is done!
Learn how to search more effectively in broker, and locate those "hidden" offers. Show those "nyerks" how real business is done!

How To Take Advantage of Broker - Broker Manipulation

Keeping an eye everyday in broker, even if you have nothing to sell there can be worth the time. Some players are in hurry to get cash, while others just don't know what they are selling and how much it could get. I have commonly found ores sold for 100 kinah, when their typical price is 4,000, and I cannot really say if this is a player mistake or it is done on purpose.

So, first broker tip is search for bargains and player mistakes. Buy everything you see that is sold for too few kinah, and resell it for its normal price, though it might be better if you wait for some time before reselling, especially if the item is sold by many people and thus its price has dropped. Additionally, when you do this keep in mind that there is a broker fee when selling, so make sure that buying something from broker in order to resell it can really make you profit.

Manipulating broker can earn you money if done in a smart way; technically some of the tricks and advice here are not very decent, but if you want to get rich these can be effective methods:

- Buy ores and other gatherables of higher qualities (Fresh/ Greater, Pure, Brilliant) and convert them. This method will work if the higher quality gatherables sell for lower than the 3 lower ones they can produce, as described earlier. When you come across players selling high quality gems, buy them, convert to simple and re-broker. There are some risks, however, involved with this method – do not forget to include the brokering fee in the price, since you want to make a profit out of the transaction. Additionally, do not broker too much at once, because the high supply will force the prices lower and you might end up with items returning to your mailbox because they never got sold.

- Players who sell huge amounts of gatherables in one bunch (for example, 1200 titanium ores) will typically offer them in low price per item. It will often show out to be a worthy buy, if you are patient enough for it. You can opt to buy those 1200 pieces, then convert them to smaller bunches, for example 12 bunches of 100 pieces or 24 bunches of 50 pieces and resell for higher value each.

Once again, do not overfill the broker with them, but be patient and sell only few per day. You can always keep the rest in your warehouse for another day.

- When broker is full of Fresh Griffonia, for example, but there is no Griffonia to be found, you can take advantage of it. Buy Fresh Griffonia, convert to simple and sell it for high price. If you are the only seller, people will still choose you even if you are selling quite expensive - not everyone got enough money (or brains, to a point) to buy the Fresh and convert it to get what they need, as you did. Don't be greedy though - if you are selling extraordinarily high, no-one will buy and you will have loss of income due to the broker fee.

- If you see a seller selling much of one item, you can opt to message him in game and ask for a better offer for a larger amount of it. Most probably the seller will accept, because he will not pay the broker fee. You, on the other hand, will buy many for cheap and you can rebroker them, fewer for expensive.

- Some junk items are used as requirements for completing quests (such as manastone MP+50 in Fragment of Memory quest); pay attention and keep these ones, because they sell in broker way higher than other similar items.

- Morphing can make you some profit, but I personally don't prefer it. With morphing you can convert materials form one kind to another, and with a good selection of design you can convert something that sells low into something that sells for high. If you find one that works for you, do not hesitate to do it and sell the resulting items in broker.

- Do not sell too many of one item (for example gatherable) at once. Also, try out different bunches of it, for example sell 50 aethers for 3k each and 30 aethers for 3.2K each. If someone needs only 30, they will choose that bunch even if it is a bit more expensive.

- No harm if you want to advertise your sale in chat; do it only when you are offering something that will interest people much, though,and don't do it too often.

- It is worth it if you can make more than one characters, even if you keep them at low level. Having more characters means more warehouse space and more selling slots in broker and this is particularly useful in this section. I typically order one character to sell bunches of 30, while other sells bunches of 20 or even 10. Due to the difference in numbers and prices, I do not risk to have returned items in mailbox, unless I choose to sell items on which there is no buying interest at that moment. For moving items between the characters, you do not have to use the mailbox service but the account warehouse slots.

With "mules" you can buy materials for low price and sell for higher in broker; keep them in friends list for easy contact.
With "mules" you can buy materials for low price and sell for higher in broker; keep them in friends list for easy contact.

Keep Your Friends Close

Here we will mention the so called "mule" technique; I have never used this, but it does exist and you might come across it in other guides. This being a full guide, I had to mention this too even if I particularly haven't found it interesting or efficient.

On this method, you are asked to contact players of lower level and give them "missions"; for example, you will ask them to gather for many days and then sell to you what you have asked for. Send a mule to gather ores, days after when they got enough they can sell to you for low price, then you resell at broker - to me, this is indecent and kind of dumb method. I am not the kind of player who will take advantage of new players this way, profiting from someone who do not know that they can sell the items themselves. If you try it out, however, keep in contact with your "friends" so that they do not feel bad for working for you and try to have more than one so you have more sources of materials for sale. If you feel bad for doing it, help them occasionally in some of their quests, or assist them in areas where the enemy faction might cause them problems.

Don't miss the last part of the Ultimate Kinah Guide to find out about crafting, instance opportunities and more!


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