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Ultra Stomp Rocket – The Toy With Best Joy

Updated on September 21, 2010

Ultra Stomp Rocket

Ultra Stomp Rocket
Ultra Stomp Rocket

Ultra Stomp Rocket

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Ultra Stomp Rocket – The toy with best joy

No Batteries – But flying

Ultra stomp rocket toy can fly more than 200 ft in the air. No fire, no explosion, and no fuel, no batteries or motors. Just a stomp, tread or a jump on the launcher pump, and the rocket pops 200 ft high in the sky. Isn’t it wonderful?

Ultra Stomp Rocket Kids Love It

Ultra stomp rocket is really a nice toy for sons and daughter equally. It comes with 4 colorful rockets to win their attraction, and interest. And additional rockets also available for you to buy to use as refills with the same launcher.

The spongy head each rocket has never hurt your son or daughter if fallen on his/ her head, and ensures 100% SAFETY.

Easy to play-no learning needed

Just an ultra tread, just like a clasp will be good enough to let the rocket fly and that’s why it’s called Ultra stomp rocket. Just place a rocket on the launcher, and give a hard step in the launcher pump peddle and here you are flying your rocket towards its peak. Go and pick it once fallen, and fly it again and again and again and again and again.

A great fun for kids, especially when they are in a bunch. They jump on the pump, shout out loudly while rocket is flying and run down to pick fallen rockets and fighting for a turn to jump. They even compete for best flying height and distance too. So kids can get A to Z fun from this perfect toy, Ultra stomp rocket.

Along with the joy and entertainment, it gives your kid necessary body exercises too, to keep him healthier.

Ultra Stomp Rocket Toy

Ultra Stomp Rocket Toy
Ultra Stomp Rocket Toy

They Are Happy About Ultra Stomp Rocket Toy

By L. Mooring "VA mom"

I don't think I've ever found a better toy...


By Douglas Small "Biggie"

Bought this for my 2 year old as a way to spark interest in rockets. He loves jumping on it and watching the rockets cruise through the air...


By  La Mancha Man

Wow! For a relatively inexpensive toy, this provided hours of fun for a 5 year old and (later ... I bought two) for a 7 year old...

These Awards say the rest…

Ultra stomp rocket has also won several well known awards for its perfection in

  • design,
  • attraction,
  • simplicity and,
  • popularity.

‘Preferred Choice Award’ present by Creative Child Magazine,

and also the iParenting Media Award for ‘Best Product’.

Ultra Stomp Rocket Best Price

Our online price for you is only $ 10.66 while the List price is $ 19.99, and any pedant can afford to by the great toy, Ultra stomp rocket for his/her son or a daughter. Though it is low in price, the joy it can give your child is highly rich. You are saving $8.88 when you buy this Ultra stomp rocket toy online while being elegible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.

Ultra Stomp Rocket

>>> Click Here to Buy Your Ultra Stomp Rocket <<< 

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