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Unique Baby Shower Gift & Favor Ideas That’ll Wow Your Guests

Updated on December 15, 2014
A shower to remember
A shower to remember | Source

Baby shower is an occasion that brings the friends and family of the expectant mother together giving them the opportunity to shower the expectant mother with gifts for both her and her baby. It is also a time for the expecting mother to give her guests some parting gifts as a way to show her appreciation for all the gifts she will be receiving at the shower.

There's a lot of planning and preparation that goes into putting a baby shower together, from the when, to the where to have the baby shower. And then there's the careful planning of the food and beverage to be served, and the parting gift favors for the guests.The goal of the expectant mother and the planner is to entertain the guests and make the baby shower a memorable one. So here are some great ideas to help you do just that.

Rubber Ducky Key Chains

Everybody loves rubber ducky, so why not get a few dozens of these darling little ducklings’ key chains as parting gifts for your guests. Using a contrasting color marker; write, “Thank you for coming to my baby shower” on each of these rubber ducky key chains. Your guests will be reminded of your shower each time they look at the key holder, even if it ends up on the visor of their vehicle.

Give Your Guests Scented Favors

Give baby shower favors that will leave a lasting scent and remain useful after the shower. Wow your guests with favors such as, bath and soap favors, or candle favors that mimics fresh-baked enchantment packed with the captivating scent of spices. This types of favors will leave your guests with a nice reminder of your baby shower no matter how far they are from home, and they will enjoy it for weeks and months after the shower.

Pacifier Candy Favors

Pacifier Candies makes great favor giveaways. A favorite is the Baby-Pacifiers Sweet and Tart Candy flavor. While most people will probably just fill up their favor boxes with these cuties, I recommend also dumping a couple of dozens of these into your baby shower fruit punch mix. Don’t worry, nobody will choke on it.

They are edible and will leave a tangy taste in the punch. You can also diversify by throwing a bunch of gummy bears or worms into the mix. And, make sure your guests scoop a couple into their drink too. Now, if that doesn't leave an unforgettable impression on your guests, nothing will.

A very pregnant belly cake
A very pregnant belly cake | Source

One of a Kind Baby Shower Cake

Having a one-of-a-kind baby shower cake will leave your guests with that ‘wow’ experience. Having it in mini take-away portions, that’s priceless. One cake I’ll never forget is the one featured on this hub. A friend of mine invited me to her daughter’s baby shower. The only thing that really stood out next to the size of her daughters’ belly was the cake at the shower. It was unique and unforgettable and it tasted so good.

Get yourself a unique, one-of-a-kind cake for your shower. If possible, get it made in mini take-away portions. Now, beware, the cake may get all the attention as your guests will coo over it through the duration of the party.

Cute Baby Girl Face Cookies
Cute Baby Girl Face Cookies

Who can resist the happy baby smile on these cookies/


More Favor Ideas

There are several other favor ideas that you can incorporate into your baby shower. Some of these can include homemade favors. You might need the help of friends and family to pull this off. Favors such as;

  • Baby Face Cookies - These cookies are great to add to a baby shower and can be homemade or store bought. Baby faces are decorated with either baby pink or blue sprinkles with food coloring used to highlight the eyes, nose and smile of the baby. You can hand them out as give aways or use it as part of your shower décor.
  • Personalized Favors - You can never go wrong with personalized favors. It tells your guests how much they are appreciated. These can also be homemade, like jam spread with personalized labels, painted wooden picture frames with baby's due date and a "Thanks for coming to my shower' on it. You can also give bookmarks.

Whatever other baby shower favor ideas you come up with, be sure you leave you own signature on it. Something that makes it unique to your shower. Something that will help make your baby shower memorable.



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    • ComfortB profile image

      Comfort Babatola 4 years ago from Bonaire, GA, USA

      @lildiapercake - I love the idea of diaper cake as a gift for the expectant mother. But since this hub is about baby shower favors give-aways, I wanted to include only baby shower favors.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, very well apprciated.