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Unlimited TNT and Faster Minecarts | Must Have Minecraft Mods and Tools

Updated on November 23, 2010
Where did I get all my lightstone from? INVedit, of course.
Where did I get all my lightstone from? INVedit, of course.

Minecraft is a great little game, but depending on how you like to play it, it can be frustrating at times. These Minecraft mods and tools are designed to streamline the game and up your enjoyment level. In this article, I'll be showcasing one tool and one mod that can drastically change your Minecraft experience for the better.

INVedit | Inventory Editor

If you spend any time at all surfing for information on how to play Minecraft better, or just more easily, you'll eventually hear about INVedit, a simple inventory editing program. I shied away from using this at first because, lets face it, it is essentially cheating when you can load your inventory up with diamonds and TNT with just a few clicks.

If you're the sort of person who plays Minecraft in order to enjoy creating things, INVedit will become an essential tool. Sure, you could spend hours trawling through blocks to get enough material to build your to-scale representation of the Starship Enterprise, but why bother?

INVedit also comes into its own in supplying materials that are almost impossible to get in game. If you like to play in peaceful mode, for instance, you'll never get any TNT, because the only way to craft TNT is by killing creepers and crafting gunpowder and sand to make TNT. It's laborious and time consuming, but INVedit gives you all the TNT you want in just a few seconds.

INVedit is a small program that stands alone from Minecraft and works by simply modifying the inventory. A must have for serious crafters.

Autocart | Faster Minecarts That Actually Work

What really put Minecraft on the map as a game were the YouTube videos of people seamlessly whizzing about their worlds on minecart roller coasters. Unfortunately, when you start playing the game and eagerly mine and smelt enough iron to start making tracks and minecarts, you're going to be disappointed when you realize that it's actually quicker to just walk to your destination than ride a clunky, slow minecart that appears to be operating in a world of syrup.

For a time, people used a physics glitch in the game to create 'boosters', but many people are finding that these glitches are being fixed (or broken, depending on your perspective) leaving them with the same lame minecarts they started out with.

Autocart is a Minecraft mod that makes minecarts work like they're supposed to. Though you will have to wait for a new version of Autocart to be released to fix issues that arose with the Halloween update, it is worth putting on your watch list.

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