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Unlimited XP and Money In Gothic 2 Without Cheating

Updated on August 1, 2010

Gothic 2 (and the expansion Night of the Raven) was an unbelievable game. It had a great story, great characters, and great action. I played it through twice before the add-on and twice afterwards. Piranha Bytes again showed me what a great RPG should be. Now, I have always had a problem with cheating an RPG. I just feel that you lose something by typing in codes to give yourselves ridiculous stats or invulnerability. RPGs should be about the story, not just winning. I know that there are tons of cheat codes for all of the Gothic games, but the writers put little things in each game that allow you to gain tons of XP and money without ever cheating. Piranha Bytes has always done a good job of hiding these tricks, but they always leave clues as to what they are. If an NPC is always a jerk to you, but your not forced to do them in, why were they made so mean? The answer is simple, you need to beat them up a lot!

Once you get the mission from Buster (the jerk outside the cabin on the way to the Landowners) to bring him Shadowbeast Horns, it is on. Save as many horns as you can and sell them to him. You will get XP and money for each horn you bring him. Draw your sword and beat him to the ground. Search him before he gets up and retrieve the horns. He threatens you a little, but then buys the horns from you again. Repeat as necessary. The number of horns that you get back off of him can also be increased exponentially if you find more horns and sell them to him and then beat him up again. It's kinda fun, and the XP and money grow really fast. Once you enter the next chapter of game play he stops buying them, so get it while you can! You have just gained unlimited XP and money without ever cheating!


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