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Unrealistic HD Minecraft Texture Pack (128 x 128)

Updated on March 28, 2011
For more super HD Minecraft texture packs, visit:
For more super HD Minecraft texture packs, visit: | Source

Realism is very 'in' in Minecraft these days, but no matter how realistic one tries to be, it's difficult to deny the fact that cows have box heads and your entire world is made of cubes that crack and shatter when struck. That ain't realistic, that ain't realistic at all. If you want reality, turn 180 degrees. There's all the realism you should ever need.

The Unealistic HD Texture pack acknowledges our need for escape and provides us with high definition anti-realism that will please everyone who is sick of the world as it stands.

What I find most amusing about this HD texture pack is that the creator, Dllu, went for 128 by 128, which is a fairly high resolution for what is essentially a cartoon pack. The creator admits being inspired by Nurio's Splotch Block and I have to say that after having played with this texture pack for a time, this is like Nurio's Splotch Block after it grew up, got a haircut and got a real job. It is safe to say that kids will enjoy this texture pack. Or rather, it is safe to say that adults will think that this is a good texture pack for children. Kids may very well have their own opinions on the matter.

Because emphasis has been put on shoving a border on every block, the world has a very piecemeal feel. That's one thing I don't particularly enjoy about this texture pack. Cartoon style simple textures that are unrealistic is one thing. A world so obviously blocky is another. To be fair however, I did state at the outset that this is a world of blocks, so there I am, hoist by my own petard.

On a positive note, I love the water animation. Dear lord do I love it. It's all slick and rounded cornery and it just makes me happy to look at it. I think what I like about water is that unlike every other block, it doesn't have a border. Perhaps this entire pack would be improved if someone went through and removed the borders. I imagine that would make tiling a more difficult achievement.

Long story short, this pack isn't going to please everyone, but what it does it does well. The world is a grid, and we all but cubes upon it. If you loved Splotch Block, but really wished that a higher definition version was available, all your prayers have just been answered by a wonderful benevolent texture pack creator.

Download Unrealistic HD Texture Pack

Watery goodness.
Watery goodness.


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