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Upper Deck 2014-15 NCAA March Madness Collection Basketball cards

Updated on February 10, 2015

NCAA at it's best

The beginning of February marked the release of Upper Decks latest College Basketball release 2014-15 NCAA March Madness Collection, focusing on the history and notable players of the tournament since it's inception, Hobby boxes go for around $90 average right now and contain 2 Autographed cards per box with 24 packs and 5 cards per pack,The set contains such greats as Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal and many more, also look for 6 Bracketology cards per box which I will explain a little bit more later in this article.

I've heard that Panini (one of Upper Decks main competitors) has purchased most of the rights for College Basketball next year so don't be surprised if this is the last such release you see by Upper Deck in awhile.

There is a 200 card base set, 50% of that base set being short printed, from what I have seen and heard the Autographs are sticker not on card with multiple types to try to pull such as...

- Regular card Autograph parallels

- Regular card SP Autograph parallels

- Hi-Series Autographs (These would be cards # 201-215)

- Tournament Stars Dual Autographs

- Most Outstanding Player Autographs

- Tournament Champs Autographs

The thing that really makes this set stand out from the rest though is the Bracketology cards and the fantasy sports like game you play with them and get shots at great prizes in the process. How it works is you scratch off the Bracketology cards you pull from the box/pack and it will show you a certain seed for a team, if your card matches the actual seed that team receives you're off to a good start, if your team makes it to the Sweet 16 you would win a 12 card pack with one of those cards being an Autograph, If your team makes it to The Final Four you would win a 6 card pack with one of those cards being an Autograph, if your team happens to win the whole shebang then you would win a Piece of Michael Jordan signed memorabilia, considering these are basically just extras thrown in the boxes for the customers to have extra incentive it's a great idea.

Overall this set seems like a great value and lots of fun to boot.


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