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Upper Deck Hockey cards biggest Ebay sales recently

Updated on February 11, 2015

Throughout the years Upper Deck has had their ups and downs, losing some of their rights to certain sports has seen some of our favorite Upper Deck products vanish forever but one thing Upper Deck always seems to have on lockdown is Hockey cards, It seems every year it's Upper Deck that releases the most sought after hockey sets and cards so I thought I would make a list of the Top 25 selling Hockey cards from Upper Deck on Ebay in recent months.

I did my best to put them in order by what they sold for but with the Best Offer function on Ebay it can make it tricky to figure out what they actually sold for, also I didn't include the same card twice at all, here's to hoping Upper Deck keeps making us Hockey cards and let's move on to the list.

1. 2013-14 Upper Deck The Cup Nathan Mackinnon & Seth Jones Dual Autograph Shield 1/1 $5,995 (Best Offer was accepted)

2. 2013-14 Upper Deck The Cup Nathan Mackinnon Rookie Patch Autograph /99 $6,499 (Best Offer was accepted) (Another card like this sold for $2,900 with bids)

3. 2013-14 Upper Deck The Cup Alex Galchenyuk Rookie Patch Autograph /99 $4,999 (Best Offer was accepted) (Another card like this sold for $2,1995.95 with bids)

4. 2013-14 Upper Deck The Cup Seth Jones Rookie Patch Autograph /249 $2,025.57 (Bids)

5. 2009-10 Upper Deck Exquisite Wayne Gretzky Lebron Tribute Autograph Patch 21/25 BGS 8.5 $3,000 (Best Offer was accepted)

6. 2013-14 Upper Deck The Cup Nathan Mackinnon Rookie Monumental Patch Autograph Booklet 4/5 $2,015 (Bids)

7. 2013-14 Upper Deck The Cup Tomas Hertl Rookie Patch Autograph 1/99 $2,000 (Bids)

8. 2014 Upper Deck Team Canada Juniors with Flying Colors Connor McDavid Autograph 9/10 $1,799.99 (Best Offer was accepted)

9. 2005-06 Upper Deck SP Authentic Sidney Crosby Future Watch Patch Autograph 35/100 $1,995 (Best Offer was accepted)

10. 2012-13 Upper Deck The Cup Carey Price Monumental Patch Autograph Booklet 1/1 $2,599 (Best Offer was accepted)

11. 2013-14 Upper Deck The Cup Nathan Mackinnon Gold Rookie Autograph Patch 20/29 $1,500 (Buy it Now feature used)

12. 2013-14 Upper Deck The Cup Nail Yakupov Rookie Patch Autograph 60/99 $1,499 (Buy it Now feature used)

13. 2013-14 SP Game-Used Wayne Gretzky Autograph Patch 1/1 $1,650 (Best Offer was accepted)

14. 2013-14 Upper Deck Series 1 Nathan Mackinnon Young Guns High Gloss Rookie card 7/10 BGS 9.5 $1,380 (Bids)

15. 2014-15 Upper Deck SP Game-Used Aaron Ekblad Rookie card 2/5 $1,999 (Best offer was accepted)

16. 2007 Upper Deck Carey Price Young Guns Rookie card BGS 10 Pristine $1,141 (Bids)

17. 2002-03 Upper Deck Premier Collection Rick Nash Rookie Patch Autograph 96/99 BGS 9.5 $2,000 (Best Offer was accepted)

18. 2013-14 Upper Deck Ice Premieres Nathan Mackinnon Rookie card 72/99 BGS 9.5 $995 (Bids)

19. 2009-10 Upper Deck Ice Matt Duchene Rookie Patch Autograph 9/10 BGS 9.5 $1,000 (Bids)

20. 2014-15 Upper Deck Black Diamond Quad Diamond Rookie Relic Draft Redemption card $1,400 (Best Offer was accepted)

21. 2013-14 Upper Deck Ultimate Elias Lindholm Rookie Autograph Shield 1/1 $889 (Buy it Now was used)

22. 2013-14 Upper Deck Ice Premieres Alex Galchenyuk 39/99 BGS10 Pristine $1,299 (Best Offer was accepted)

23. 2013-14 Upper Deck The Cup Tyler Johnson Rookie Autograph Black 1/1 $1,499 (Best Offer was accepted)

24. 2008-09 Upper Deck The Cup Steven Stamkos Gold Rainbow Rookie Patch Autograph 22/91 BGS 8.5 $824.56 (Bids)

25. 2000-01 Upper Deck SP Authentic Sign of the Times Autograph Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe and Bobby Orr 02/25 $825 (Bids)

As you can see certain sets and players certainly dominate this list, one thing the list shows for sure is the big hits you can pull from Upper Deck Hockey products.

Below you can find images of most of the cards listed.


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