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"Valet Parking Pro" Walkthrough - All Levels

Updated on April 28, 2011

The following is a Valet Parking Pro Walkthrough. Valet Parking Pro is a free online game found at addicting games and a few other online gaming sites. It is a clever, well put together, game that can provide you with some excitement in your boring moments of life.

--Valet Parking Pro--

In Valet Parking Pro you are an aspiring valet parking assistant working outside of one of Las Vegas' top notch casinos. You will be given the task of parking many cars, trucks, and mini-vans.


Valet Parking Pro contains a series of levels, each with their own set of missions. Each Level contains a time limit, during which, you will be tasked to either park each vehicle in a specific lot number or bring a certain vehicle back from the lot. During each level, you have the leeway to bump either car up to three times(three lives), after each bump you will be reprimanded and the current mission(not level) will be restarted. If you lose all three lives during a certain level or run out of time , your valet parking license will be revoked and you will have to restart the current level.


You operate the car using the keypad:

UP - to accelerate

DOWN - to reverse, slowdown, or brake

LEFT - to turn left

RIGHT - to turn right

SPACE BAR- also used to brake, but, I find it is unnecessary since down also brakes

CTRL - to switch between high beam and low beam headlights

--Quick Tip--

Unlike driving in real life, you cannot turn the wheel unless you are accelerating or reversing. This means there will be a lot of reversing and accelerating involved in getting your car into the right position. I find, the best way to get your car into a given spot is to pull your car up to the designated spot until the inside parking spot line is perpendicular to the cars side-view mirror(or right before it. Where the windshield meets the hood). Then hold the corresponding direction of the spot(Left or Right) and start accelerating. This won't get you directly into the spot, but, after minimal reversing(in the opposite direction) you should be lined up to ease on in there.

REMEMBER: It is better to pull too far up before making the first turn into the spot than it is to not pull up far enough. While either way can start you in a bad predicament, you lose ground while reversing. It's much easier and quicker to reverse and straighten yourself up than it is to do the opposite.

Also, If I say "reverse to the right" this means reverse while holding right and "forward to the left" means pull forward while holding left. Vice-Versa for both.

--Level 1--

Mission 1: In the first(and only) mission of level 1, you are tasked with parking a sports car in lot number 12. Drive straight, into the parking garage, and you will find lot 12 on your left hand side 3 spots up. Use the quick tip above and park the car there.

--Level 2--

Mission 1: In the first mission of level 2, your task is to park a similar sports car in lot number 19. Lot 19 is a few spaces down from lot 12 on the opposite side. Since the spot is on the end of a line of spots, the difficulty is somewhat increased. But, using the quick tip should easily get you into the spot on time.

Mission 2: The second mission of level 2 involves you parking in lot number 16. This is much like the mission on level 1, just use the quick tip and your level 2 journey shall be completed.

--Level 3--

With level 3 comes the introduction of the mini-van. The mini-van has the worst turning ratio of the lot, but can be easily mastered with a few attempts.

Mission 1: You are tasked with parking the mini-van into spot number 13, which has cars on each side. Quick tip doesn't work out very well here. The best way to get into this spot is to pull forward until the outside line(line on right) of spot 13 is perpendicular to the minivan. In other words, the mini-van and the line should make an upside down 'T'. Now, hold right and reverse until the headlights are shining directly on the car to the right of spot 13. You should now have enough room to pull forward and too the left(hold left and then drive forward) right into the spot. If not just reverse the the right one more time to line it up perfectly and pull her on in.

Mission 2: For the next mission you must park a sports car in lot number 17. Not sure of the challenge here other than the handling of the car. Just follow the quick tip guide and remember, it is better to pull too far forward on the spot before turning than not pulling far enough forward before turning. That is because when reversing and turning(to line car up with spot), you lose ground anyway. So, if you are too far back on the spot you may lose too much ground to pull in properly.

Mission 3: This is the first mission in which you must take a car back from the lot. When taking a car back from the lot, don't follow the arrows, drive directly towards the front of the casino(the way you have been coming from). Once in front of the casino, you must continue driving all the way down the road until your vehicle is out of sight.

It just so happens the people in that darn mini-van are ready to go already. Thankfully, the spot directly behind us is open. Reverse until the mini-van is halfway into spot number 18. Then pull forward and to the left and reverse backwards and to the right as much as necessary(should be no more than two of each) to be able to pull out and head back towards the casino. Continue all the way to the left and the mission will be complete.

--Level 4--

During level four there is a limousine parked in one of the earlier spots inside of the garage. Be careful when entering and exiting. You can't drive directly down the line they give you because you will wreck and lose a life. Go around the limousine and everything should be fine.

Mission 1: In the first mission of level four, you must park a small sports car in lot number 19. Drive slowly into the garage to avoid running smack into the limo. This car is easy to maneuver around it and you have parked in spot 19 already. This time though, spots number 13 and 14 are open, so if you want to drive a little past spot number 19, reverse left into spots 13 and 14, and then drive forward into 19 you may do so with ease.

Mission 2: In mission 2 you are tasked with parking another small sports car into lot 13(two spots down from limo). Don't forget about the limousine and enter the garage slowly. Considering the spot next to 13 is open. Once around the limo you should be on a good enough line to pull directly into 13 and a little into 14(Front right panel of car). Once done, reverse while holding the left key to line up and pull forward into the spot to complete your mission.

Mission 3: In the third mission you must bring the sports car from mission 1 back from the parking garage. Hold left and reverse until just before hitting the top curb, then do the pull forward/right backward/left combo until you are in a good enough position to pull down the road. The limo is still here so carefully maneuver around it, pull out front of the casino, and continue until the car is out of sight.

Mission 4: The final mission of Level 4 involves the parking of a purple Porsche in spot number 22. Spot number 22 is in a never before seen area of the garage. Maneuver around the limo and follow the arrows past the curbs and to the diagonal left. Go slow since you haven't seen this area before. Spot number 22 will be towards the top of the lot and is relatively easy to park in.

--Level 5--

The limousine is also in level 5 but is one spot to the right of its previous location. It's a little harder to maneuver around, considering the cars around it, but is basically just like level 4.

Mission 1: In the first mission of level 5 you must park a sports car in lot number 26. This spot is located in the new area of parking garage almost directly under spot 22(which you just parked in). Carefully go around the limousine and into the new area of garage. Spot 22 is easy to get into and should only involve one hard turn to the right. Remember too far before turning is better than not far enough. If you miss the spot you'll be able to back up into the perfect line.

Mission 2: The next mission requires you to bring a car back from lot number 14. Back out and to the right and then drive forward and to the left down the road(may require another segment of backing up and to the right, but shouldn't). To maneuver around the limousine use the empty spots to your car's left to loop around through the gap. Doing this should give you plenty of room. Drive the car past the front of the casino to complete the mission.

Mission 3: The third mission involves parking a sports car into spot number 22. This can prove to be somewhat difficult considering the spot is at an angle. But, with the amount of room given your only problem should be lining the car up correctly. When going through the two curbs from the first lot and turning slightly to the left, stay close to the rear of the first cars parked on the bottom of lot two. Then turn hard and to the left until you are somewhat in the spot. Next, reverse right until you are lined up good enough to pull up and perfectly into spot 22.

Mission 4: In your final mission of Level 5, you must return the car in lot number 26 to its rightful owner. Hold left and reverse onto the road. Now drive forward slowly into the first lot. Maneuever around the limousine using the strategy stated for Mission 2 of this level and drive past the casino to complete your task.

--Level 6--

During Level 6, the limousine is in the same place as in the previous level, only the cars in its vicinity have greatly increased. You must squeeze between the limo and the car under it very carefully in order to not lose a life.

Mission 1: The first mission involves you bringing the car in lot number 29 out of the garage. Lot number 29 is in the third and final section of the parking garage. Back the car out and to the right until just before running into the cars to your rear. Then pull forward and to the left around the curve. Drive straight through lot number 2, diagonally to the left, and into lot 1. Very carefully maneuver between the limousine and the car, watching your side-view mirrors as not to let them hit. To finish, drive out front of the limousine and down the road.

Mission 2: Next, you must park the small sports car into lot number 27. Drive carefully through lot 1 making sure not to hit the limo, up the diagonal section, and spot number 27 will be in the bottom right corner of the screen. Very easy to make a loop and end up perfectly in the spot.

Mission 3: Mission 3 involves the parking of a sports car in lot number 24(or so you think). Drive through the first lot(careful of the limo) into the second where lot number 24 will be in the bottom left. When making the diagonal left turn into lot two, use your car to completely cover up the diagonal arrow. Once covered, turn hard and to the right until your about to run into the car to the left of the destination spot. Now, reverse while holding left a bit to line the car up with the spot. And pull forward into it.

You now learn that you are in the spot designated for the boss and you must relocate to spot number 10. Hold left and reverse out of your current spot. Drive back into lot 1 and once again carefully maneuver between the limo and car. Now, use the quick tip above to get into spot 10.

--Level 7--

In level 7 the limousine has now moved to the bosses parking spot which is lot number 24 in lot 2. It is much easier to get by than in the previous level with the only real problem being posed in mission 2.

Mission 1: The final level of this great game begins with a car needing to be parked in spot number 14. Lot 1 is almost full so you must be very careful when parking here. Use the quick tip above and slowly work your way into the spot.

Mission 2: The second mission of level 7 requires you to park in lot number 21. Make your way through lot 1 and take notice that the limousine is now in the bosses spot in lot 2. To park in spot 21, make an easy left after passing the limo to end up parrallel with the curb and the cars parked on the top of the screen(Spots 22 and 23). Now hold right and reverse out onto the road and then pull forward into the destination spot.

Mission 3: In mission 3 you must park your car in lot number 32. Spot 32 is in the third lot so make your way there, being careful of limo in lot 2. When you enter into lot 3, spot 32 will be directly in front of you all the way to the right of the garage. You may have to turn a little left to change you line, but the spot should be no trouble getting into.

Mission 4: Mission 4 requires you to bring the car back from lot number 21. Hold right and reverse out onto the road. Squeeze between the limo and the car to enter lot 1. Once in lot 1, you are home free, drive straight down the road until you are in front of the casino and continue on until out of site.

You have now successfully completed Valet Parking Pro. Your points are awarded from the last time you had to restart so go back and try to complete it with a higher score!


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