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Valiant Hearts Walkthrough: Achievements and Actions

Updated on October 16, 2014
Valiant Hearts owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only.
Valiant Hearts owned by Ubisoft. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

As with most Ubisoft games, Valiant Hearts is teeming with small, sometimes hidden goals in the form of Achievements. Achievements are mainly around for bragging rights, while the Actions sometimes paired with those Achievements will earn you small allotments of uPlay Points which you can use to unlock special extras in this and other games. You need to search high and low through every corner of Valiant Hearts to unlock every Achievement, and, in doing so, unlock Actions.

This article contains a full listing of Achievements and Actions in Valiant Hearts. some will trigger automatically as you proceed through the story; others will require more digging. The article will help you with the latter.

Automatic Achievements

A large number of the Achievements in Valiant Hearts are triggered simply by making your way through the levels and completing certain noteworthy actions. Make it through the entire game and you'll gain every Achievement on the list below. These Achievements include:

  • Forward, March
  • A new friendship is born
  • It's all fire and death now...
  • A glimmer of hope
  • Cease-fire?
  • Revenge never meant happiness
  • So close yet so far!
  • Some will survive...
  • ... Some will not

The first and last Achievements, Forward, March and ... Some will not, are counted as Actions.

Freddie and Anna flee from a massive armoured vehicle in Valiant Hearts.
Freddie and Anna flee from a massive armoured vehicle in Valiant Hearts.

Manual Achievements

The rest of Valiant Hearts' Achievements require a more personal, creative touch. You can miss these Achievements, forcing a replay of certain levels.

Ypres' wake-up call

Roughly halfway through Anna's mission to Ypres in the second chapter you'll come to a bell tower with a large, precarious bell at the top. You need to smack the bell twice to knock a gear off of its roof. Smack the bell one more time than necessary to get the achievement.

Helpful Laundryman

At the beginning of Chapter Three Karl will be stuck in a Prison Camp. Part of that mission requires him to perform laundry duties with another prisoner. You need to push a cart under two bags of falling laundry in order to collect a red bandana. There's another bag of laundry to collect, though, and if you take some time to help the guy out you'll get the Achievement.

Brothers' Keeper

During the Battle of Somme in the third chapter, Freddie's tank will briefly be accompanied by a small platoon of five soldiers. They will get wiped out if you don't protect them from falling bombs and gunfire from incoming airplanes. Point your gun as high as it will go, watch for incoming bombers, and wait until they're just in front of your tank before firing. Shortly thereafter you'll have to escort four more soldiers in a similar fashion. Safely escort all nine soldiers to their respective drop points to get this Achievement.

King of the hill 145

During the Battle of Vimy Ridge in the fourth chapter you'll have to take down two artillery guns by calculating their positions with a rangefinder and then setting a rocket to launch at them. While doing this you'll probably notice a German flag flapping between the two guns. Take out the flag (it's at roughly 32 degrees on the rangefinger) to get this Achievement.

Healing Hero

During the second-to-last mission in the fourth chapter you'll have to save Karl's life using Anna's rhythm game. Do this without making a single mistake to get the Achievement. Tricky, probably requiring a few tries, but ultimately not that difficult once you get the rhythm down.

Freddie pilots a tank in Valiant Hearts.
Freddie pilots a tank in Valiant Hearts.

Good Doggy

Approach the dog at any point in the game and interact with him when he's not holding an item. Your character will give him a good scratch. This also counts as an Action.

Taxi Racer

Complete one of the three taxi missions without damaging your car. The missions are Danger From Above (first chapter), Taxi Cancan (second chapter), and Fight of the Bumblebee (third chapter). I recommend attempting this one on Danger From Above, as it's the first, shortest, and easiest of the missions.

Never forget

Five five historical items. They're spread throughout almost every mission, and can be found by following little sparkles on the ground. This article covers the locations of all of the historical item locations.

To those who fell

Find fifty historical items. This also counts as an Action.

They'll all be remembered

Find every historical item in the game. This might take a few tries.

Knowledge is power

As you proceed through the game historical facts will pop up in your pause menu. Open them up and read a minimum of thirty of these facts to get the Achievement.


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