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Updated on February 2, 2015


The final line only has 2 allotted points but this doesn't mean that these two points aren't important. Also in this video I will share with you the weapons used to make this build DPS heavy.

Valorous Defense

The only minor trait you are getting in this trait line is called Valorous Defense. This trait supplies your guardian with aegis for 3 seconds when your health goes below 50%. Aegis in case you didn't know just blocks the next incoming attack. This 1 point in this trait will also provide you with 50 toughness.

Retributive Armor

With your final 2 points into this trait you will gain a major trait slot. This trait is called Retributive Armor. This trait in important for the reason that it gives you increased precision which, increases your critical hit rate. It takes 7% of your toughness and converts it to your precision.


This line is just important for the Retributive Armor. The added precision is necessary to be able to constantly critically hit your foe


This is of course the one of the most important aspects of any build. Here we will be using a berserk set of weapons. One hand will be a sword and focus, the other hand will have a great sword equipped.

Flashing Blade

Zealot`s Defense


While having a sword and focus equipped you have the ability to do massive amounts of damage to your foe while keeping up the blind. First of, your auto attack just attacks your enemy with a normal fury of attacks. The second ability called Flashing blade teleports you to your enemy and blinds your foe. If the blind from this ability doesn't allow you to kill your foe before they hit you, you can use your F1 ability (Virtue of Justice) the apply another blind. Another great skill of the sword is its number three skill Zealot's Defense. This skill is actually a ranged attack that fires projectiles towards your target 8 times over 3 seconds. Each of those projectiles has chance of critically hitting your foes. Another interesting ability of this attack is that it can destroy incoming projectiles. We also can`t forget that these attacks are getting a 10% increase to damage from the powerful blades trait located in the Radiance tree.

Ray of Judgement

Shield of Wrath


With the focus equipped both skills that are provided are extremely useful. The first skill it provides is called the Ray of Judgement. First off, this ability blinds your foe which combined with Flashing Blade and Virtue of Justice will keep your foe blinded until they're defeated. The ray also bounces between allies and foes up to 4 times. When the ray hits you or and ally it provides 3 seconds of health regeneration. Another effect this does is inflict vulnerability to your foes because of you Blind Exposure trait. The other ability of this weapon is called the Shield of Wrath. This puts a shield on you that blocks 3 incoming attacks. If however the shield isn't destroyed, the shield blows up after 4 seconds it does massive AOE damage.

Wrathful Strike

Whirling Wrath

Leap of Faith

Symbol of Wrath

Great Sword

The great sword is probably the most powerful weapon the guardians have in there profession. First we will start with the auto attack. The first two attacks is just two normal attacks, however the last attack, Wrathful strike gives you a stack of might. This stack is provided to you every second and a half and will constantly increase your attack power. The second attack is the highest DPS attack of the guardian great sword. Its called Whirling Wrath in which you spin around 7 times and shoots out 7 projectiles at your foe. This happens over 3 seconds of time and inflicts 1,085 base damage. The next ability is another vital part of the blind build, Leap of Faith. The attack allows you to leap at your foe and blinds them for three seconds. Blind Blind Blind. The fourth skill of the weapon is called Symbol of Wrath. The ability creates a symbol at your feet that gives you retaliation and also damages the foe. With the Zeal minor trait Symbolic Exposure, this symbol with apply vulnerability to your foes. The final ability of this weapon is called Binding Blade. When this is activated it sends out chains to 5 enemies that damage them. If you press the attack again it will pull the affected enemies to you.

Binding Blade

Weapon Usage

Even though this build doesn't have any ranged weapons it doesn't mean your foes can just stay at range and or run. If you need to make up ground you can use your sword and flashing blade to catch up. You can also use leap of faith with the greatsword to catch them. If your foes starts running you call pull them towards you with binding blade. Once you have them you can keep them blind and DPS therm very quickly.

The next article to this build will be covering the armor and sigils used in this build. To see the complete build go here: Blind Fire.

Thanks for reading and come back soon

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