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Video Games Can Have Positive Effects on People

Updated on July 12, 2015
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My name is Tara and I am a college student. In my hubs I will talk about things that interests me video games, anime,and more random things.

Video Games can have positive effects

Technology is becoming more advanced each year especially with videogames. When I was younger, I was very quiet and shy, but sometimes I would try and talk to at least one person. Now, you can talk to a lot of people without leaving your home with only a push of a button and using an internet connection. Videogames have been an interesting influence in my life. I believe playing videogames can have a positive effect on people by increasing self-esteem, be relaxing and improving social activity.

Gaming can increase self-esteem by adding a sense of accomplishment, confidence and determination. One example would be when a person completes a hard task in a game like defeating a boss, getting an achievement, or even hitting multiple targets with a single weapon. A person can also feel accomplished when they’re solving a complex puzzle or defeating a tough boss. The feeling that they’re helping others even though they’re using unrealistic abilities helps make the person feel better.

Sometimes the music of the game also helps the person relax depending on the type of game you choose. Some people like to listen to music, play sports, watch television, or even hang out with friends to relax. You can also play games to relax while alone or with friends, especially if you can’t afford to go many places. I think playing games can also be a help by creating a fantasy world where you can pretend to be a heroic protagonist. You can also release anger by screaming at your television or computer screen. You might look a bit crazy doing this but you do release anger by screaming or the satisfaction of defeating multiple enemies.

There is usually a stereotype about people was play videogames being anti-social, who stay at home being glued to the screen, or that they create violence. Some of this might be true, but not all people who play games develop this habit. There are people who go out like regular people and come home to casually play, but have better time management skills. I believe videogames can help others be social because you can now be connected online through a videogame with many other people around the world just like social media networks. You can connect and have interesting conversations and even discover others who may have similar interests. Think of it as being in a large online lounge with other people talking about many topics.

When I play computer games, I do feel my self-esteem is being increased because I do feel a sense of accomplishment. I like to feel that I am being generous, confident, and helpful with others. I do feel relaxed when I come home to play after all of my chores and assignments are done. I even turn on some music while I am playing on the computer. Even though I am a shy person, I do like to talk about anything that interests me online. Videogames have made a positive effect on my life.

This is one example of how video games can have a positive effect on people

Just have an open mind!

The gaming community is so big that share many of your similar interests. Some may find love although you should still be careful who you meet. Sometime you can meet some "toxic" people but they're only a small fragment of the gaming community. There are nice people out there that have very interesting backgrounds and come from cool places.Another way gaming can have a positive effect on people is finding love online.

Vdeo Games Can Have Positive Effects On People

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