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Video Games- MW3 vs Black Ops Which one is better? Playstation or Xbox?

Updated on July 4, 2013

Call of Duty MW3

Call of Duty MW3
Call of Duty MW3

MW3 vs Black Ops Which one is better?

Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops are both great games. They are the third and first additions to two different series respectively. Modern Warfare 3 was made by Infinity Ward and Black Ops was made by Treyarch. Both Infinity Ward and Treyarch are great game makers. They put a lot of work into each title and I don’t want either of them to think that I mean disrespect. The following is an unbiased and honest review from firsthand experience and I don’t want anyone to say otherwise. Ok, so let’s get started and I will let you know what I think.

Overall Gameplay

The “Feel” or Player/Controller interaction with the Character

Let’s start with the feel of the controller and how it controls the character. In Black Ops I honestly feel like there is less movement available to me. I feel more constricted and choked by the controls and the way the character moves. I feel that in Modern Warfare Three Infinity Ward did a great job at creating a smooth and seamless transition from the player and his or her actions and the player’s character and his actions. I feel that in Black Ops it takes more time to get used to the gameplay and that you need to learn how the controller is going to make the character react. In Modern Warfare Three the opposite is true. I believe that the controller makes the character act in expected ways and that it takes less time to learn the way to make the characters move and shoot and throw, etc. That makes it more intuitive and easier to learn and play overall.

Campaign Mode MW3 Gameplay

The Graphics

This is where Black Ops tends to fail. I mean, they definitely did a good job, but I think it’s indisputable that the graphics in Modern Warfare Three are Better. Let me explain. In Black Ops everything looks more cartoonish. The images are more like molded play-dough, albeit very good play-dough, but still play-dough none-the-less. In Modern Warfare 3 the graphics are sharp and polished. I feel like in Black Ops the whole gameplay was darker and more rugged and less smooth. In Modern Warfare 3 the amount of textures is amazing. You see particles when it snows, you see blood splatter in more detail, you see the textures on wall surfaces, the feathers fly from a broken bed when you shoot at it, the wall crumble and break when you shoot it, bits of metal fly from a helicopter when you shoot it, dirt and dust fly up when you sprint across it to the enemy who is concealed in a artfully designed bush and is peering out from behind it ready to ambush you. There are a huge amount of examples as to why the textures in Modern Warfare 3 simply can’t be compared to Black Ops. Even the screen and elements and objects feel brighter in Modern Warfare 3. Besides that, you can look at the guns themselves, the hands which grip them, or the faces you see. All of these things in my opinion are stepped up in Modern Warfare 3. The only things which I believe compare graphics wise in Black Ops to Modern Warfare 3 are the campaigns. Certain elements of the campaign are very similar when it comes to video quality. The pictures in these campaigns are sometimes made differently or are clearer due to the fact that the designers don’t need to worry about designing for multiplayer and having many people connected to the same map or area. Remember, this is just my opinion, so make sure you see for yourself. After doing quite a bit of research I have found some people would strongly disagree with me on this aspect of the gameplay. However, to each his or her own and to everyone a fair and honest opinion. Let’s move on to the next subject.

Call of Duty Black Ops

Call of Duty Black Ops
Call of Duty Black Ops


Black Ops wins here. You can make custom player cards with a huge variety of shapes and colors. Some people have made anything from batman and spiderman to suggestively sexy photos of things I won’t go into detail... (hahahaa), but anyway, back to the game (because that’s what everyones interested in after reading that last bit LOL). So, you can make awesome player cards to say match with your clan, let the world know how awesome at design you are, show your love for a certain person or character, make someone who looks like you, represent how you love to play the game, or really anything you can imagine. You are really the only limiting factor here. You can customize your guns with mostly the same things as Modern Warfare Three as well. You can do so quite quickly as well, because unlike Modern Warfare 3 where you are forced to earn weapon experience by using the gun and shooting people with it to gain xp and levels in order to unlock equipment and attachments and proficiencies which will give you an edge in Black Ops you can plain and simple buy them. If you get a few thousand bucks you can easily outfit your favorite gun, no questions asked. So, I guess you could say the customization and individuality award goes to Black Ops hands down. Heck, you can even add a skin to your face where you could look like a scary venom insect thingy. You get the picture. For more examples, which I won’t even go into detail with since there are so many, simply google something along the lines of Black Ops Skins or Face Masks or... On to the next comparison of Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops.

Assault Killstreaks Modern Warfare 3

Assault Killstreaks Modern Warfare 3
Assault Killstreaks Modern Warfare 3

KillStreaks- The only reason we play this game?

Killstreaks!! No Call of Duty game is complete without killstreaks that are so high you need to be a god to achieve. If you don’t know what a killstreak is... you shouldn’t be here. Just joking. A killstreak is a reward for killing people in a row. For example, let’s say I’m playing and I want a UAV or what a civilian would refer to as a spy plane or radar giver plane. I would need to kill 3 people in a row and I would be awarded with this killstreak at which point it would be my choice whether to deploy it or not. The only reason I wouldn’t deploy it is if I couldn’t or the enemy was using a Counter UAV which blocks radar. No point in wasting a good spy plane- they only last for a limited amount of time. Anyway, Killstreaks in Black Ops are honestly same old same old. Very similar to the previous version of Modern Warfare 3 (Modern Warfare 2). The highest killstreak is attack dogs or a gunship and you only need 11 kills. Which, trust me, is a lot to get in a row without dying, but if you compare it to Modern Warfare 3 the highest killstreak is a M.O.A.B. which translates to the Mother of All Bombs! It is attainable using any killstreak class (another change from Black Ops) and will kill every member of the enemy team as well as knocking out their electronic equipment for about a minute. It is truly an amazing weapon and is only earned by the best players who can get an amazing 25 kills in a row. There are multitude of other killstreaks as well and even a support class where you won’t lose your killstreak if you die! You also get point streaks for claiming flags in domination or completing other objectives. It really is a lot more in depth and complex and therefore better (more content = more fun) in Modern Warfare Three when compared to Black Ops.

Let’s Conclude- You Decide!

So, what did you think? Is Modern Warfare Three or Black Ops better? Answer my poll below to help me decide. I think Modern Warfare 3 is better, but that’s just me. Maybe you’d rather enjoy the nostalgic feeling of playing Black Ops? Perhaps you are better at one or the other and this influences your decision. Let me know in the comments below and let me know what you want to hear more about. I may write another comparison if I can get some feedback on this one. Help me out here guys! Anyway, you heard my opinion so remember to leave me a comment and answer my poll. Thanks a ton guys!

MW3 vs BO?

Which is Better? Modern Warfare 3 or Black Ops?

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Gaming Console

I play on the PS3 but do you prefer XBox?

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    • neilcook profile imageAUTHOR

      Neil Cook 

      4 years ago from United States

      Thanks for commenting Swaggy! I love hearing feedback.

    • profile image

      swaggy og 

      4 years ago

      black ops has better weapons and sounds


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