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Video Games Your Girlfriend Will Watch You Play: Single Player Games That Interest Non-Gamers

Updated on October 23, 2009

It happens to even the best gamer: eventually the crushing loneliness of living life single player.  Eventually, you get yourself set up in co-op mode but the bad news is she (or he) have no patience for pushing buttons all day long.  Coordinating your hang out time and game playing can be more difficult than it might seem at first.

Luckily, there is a solution.  If your partner doesn't want to play games they could be convinced to sit on the couch and watch the action unfold.  If the game has a good story and the potential for some laughs, your girlfriend will watch you play with minimal complaint.

Don't try and use it as an excuse to get out of going to dinner though.  She deserves something nice, you schlub.

Silent Hill 3 Amusement Park
Silent Hill 3 Amusement Park

The Silent Hill Series

Horror games are never quite as scary when you're not the one playing so even the scaredy cats should be able to watch their significant other play through a Silent Hill game. More atmospheric than action packed, these games are great for sitting down on the couch and just taking in. When you're not the one in charge of killing everything, its easier to sit down and take in the quiet horror and contemplate the story.

Plus, with two people it becomes that much easier to solve the games many puzzles. Two heads are better than one, and it always feels great to work out a problems as a team. In many ways, its like sitting down and watching a horror movie together. Just... play with the lights on, okay?

Uncharted 2 Action Sequence
Uncharted 2 Action Sequence

Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 2

The best possible description of the Uncharted series is light hearted action-adventure.  If your gaming partner is the type that likes USA procedural like Burn Notice or Psych, than Uncharted games are just the fix to keep you watching.  Featuring a cast of character that never stops chatting with one another even once the game is being played, it doesn't seem that far removed from Indiana Jones in pacing or content.

Plus, the truth is, ladies love Nathan Drake.  And who can blame them?  Rugged good lucks and plenty of sass, he's a natural leading man.  If he wasn't completely digital, he'd probably be a major movie star by now.

Lost Odyssey cast
Lost Odyssey cast

Lost Odyssey

Sort of like Final Fantasy (okay, a lot like Final Fantasy) but with a whole lot more banter.  Do yourself a favor and skip the ridiculous "short story" interludes unless you and your gaming partner want to do shots every time it makes you unintentionally laugh.  Filled to the brim with characters, Lost Odyssey is as much about watching your characters go back and forth as it is killing monsters.

There might be some awkward moments when the unspeakably hard battles start taking up a little too much time though.  Non-gamers might want to head out for a sandwich once it starts getting a little rough.

Mario Galaxy
Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy

Not only is it filled with joyful scenery and charming characters and animation, but Super Mario Galaxy has been specially crafted to cater to a second non-gamer partner. A second controller hooked up will be able to pick up and shoot the "star bits" the first player collects while he wanders around as Mario.

It might not seem like much, but the ability to have some affect on the game without actually controlling the main character is a great way to share a video game experience with someone who isn't really a fan of playing games.  One of the cleverest ways to involve two players in a game without making it a co-op or competition, Mario Galaxy is perfect for teams.


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    • satomko profile image

      Seth Tomko 7 years ago from Macon, GA

      I agree with the inclusion of the Silent Hill games on this list. Good choice.

    • Snake Eyes profile image

      Snake Eyes 8 years ago from Canada

      Hey cool page I thought it was really well written. If you get a chance please check out my new hub and let me know what you think.