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The Pros and Cons of Video Gaming

Updated on November 10, 2019
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Shawn Morris is a published author and blogger under the name "Tye Alden". His blog site Alden Speaks provides articles on different topics.

Alden Speaks


The Parents Perspective

Some parents think that gaming is a waste of time. When bringing research into the mix: out of a poll conducted by PEW Research Center, 59% of American adults think that video games are unproductive, 16% are unsure whether it is a "worthy" hobby, and 24% think that it is a good use of time -Reisinger, 2015.

Think about it, in the early '70s and '80s, there was no video game craze because gaming was just being introduced. Therefore, the only thing parents had to worry about then was keeping up with the trends with new bicycles, skateboards, and board games. Today, video gaming makes up a $100 billion global industry with 2/3 of the American homes have family members who play regularly So the question should be do parents actually think video gaming is productive or is it too costly to maintain for their children? If the average household has three kids and each of them has a different gaming console? The money spent on games and console upgrades is very expensive.

The Gamers

Let's look at a different perspective. What happens to the individuals who call themselves "gamers" but lose interest? Avid gamers are motivated by challenge and difficulty. So if the individual has defeated the game at all levels, there is no challenge and difficulty, which leads to no reason to play the game. Moving into different game categories can be difficult, especially when you have game favorites that are or are already becoming obsolete. Their next move could be investing in other games that feed their desire or if they are outside of the box thinkers, they may even look into making their own video game--then they could get a return on their investment for the money they spent on purchasing games and gaming consoles.

The Industry Versus The Parents

The gaming industry or any industry has one goal and that is to make a profit. Therefore, their research is designed to generate concepts to draw the attention of the consumers. The gaming industry is a profitable industry: however, the consumer has the choice to purchase the item. In most cases, a child likes anything that looks interesting. Just because they want certain things do not mean a parent has to purchase them.

On the other hand, some parents don't mind paying the high cost of video games because it keeps their child occupied and not aggravating them for attention. At the same time; however, the effect can either help the child with basic skills (if engaged with learning games) or become an addiction to negative aspects (if engaged in games that contain violence) -Focus On Family, 2014.

Final Thoughts

Video gaming is a fun, relaxing way to wind down and to spend time with family. Controlling a child's gaming habit begins with discipline from the parents. Identifying time limits and identifying healthy games are ways to set boundaries on gameplay. it may be difficult at first; however, when you have to introduce your child to the outdoors again, you have officially identified the problem. Spending can become out of hand if parents let their child railroad them into buying multiple games and consoles. If the discipline is applied at a young age, it will follow them as they become an adult. At that point, it is out of your hands and if they don't know the importance of budgeting, this will teach them quickly. However, let it be known that video game addictions are just as bad in some adults. Personally, I don't consider my gaming habit an addiction. I love sports games, mainly basketball and I have to be in the mood to actually play a full game. However, I can testify personally to that because I live with one, my wife. Let me put it to you like this, I am her main man and Link from The Legend of Zelda is her boyfriend.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Shawn F Morris


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