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Video games can serve as learning tool for children

Updated on September 12, 2014

Educational Games

Games whether they are played on computer or Television have their influence on children, which might be a positive or a negative one. It is true that since the time these games were launched, parents remained skeptical about their benefits and considered them as merely a waste of time and energy. However recent studies and research in this area have unfolded some benefits of video games.

Video games can improve concentration

Playing video games have positive influence in terms of improving the concentration of a child. It can even help to overcome issues of attention deficit among some children. In order to teach something to young minds it is necessary to divert their attention. Hence, video games can help teachers and parents to teach children through educational video games. Rhyming words games can really help out children to improve their concentration.

Decision making Power

The player of a video game has to make certain prompt and right decisions in order to win. Thus, his overall brain functioning is improved and the capability to make right decision at the spur of the moment is multiplied. This factor can help a child to tackle the issues that may appear in his/her life ahead.

Help to develop team work skills

Children while playing multi-player games can learn how to response while working as a team member. They play their part to gain victory for their team. This improves the overall management skills and allows them to act promptly whenever required. Kids become more responsible and accept the abilities or expertise of other players. They learn from their mistakes and try to handle things attentively.

May enhance creativity

Such games are available in the market which can enhance the skills related to creativity. Children apply their mind to learn new tactics to play the games. They evolve such methods, which help them to play these games in a manner to gain sure win. Kids share these experiences with others and help others to devise new plans and strategies.

Easy way to learn academic subjects

The developers have introduced such video games that are based on a specific subject like, mathematics or English language. These games provide simple and effective way to help children teach those subjects that are considered as relatively tough. Kids learn while they play and don’t even know that they are infusing knowledge into their brains. The schools and education providers are also thinking to incorporate video games in class room to take learning experience one step ahead.

Children gain self confidence while playing Video games

Video games help children to gain self confidence through playing such games, which demand prompt decisions, planning and anticipate the outcomes of a strategy. This element serves as a handy tool to boost up the confidence level in kids and they accept the challenges with passion and enthusiasm.

The world of gaming is an ever increasing craze among children and adults. Video games are beneficial but have some drawbacks


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