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Videogame Review: This War of Mine (PC)

Updated on November 12, 2016
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Natalie is a writer who also has a channel. She enjoys writing reviews, watching anime and TV shows, and playing videogames.

Quick Summary:

Studio: 11-Bit Studios
Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, XBox One, IOS, Android (Reviewed on PC)
Rating: M for Mature for Violence, Blood, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Use of Drugs and Alcohol


Survive the War, But Not as a Soldier!

This War of Mine is a survival strategy game where you take control of a group of civilians trapped in a warzone, you must reinforce your house, scavange for food and supplies and try to make it through winter, all while trying to fight off other survivors raiding your house or hostile people, whether scavangers, military, bandits or just other people like you.

How you interact with others can change the results of the end of the game, and whether your survivors get a good or bad ending, if you don't get them killed.

The Graphics and Art Style are Pretty!

The graphics and art style, they look so good. The character designs are nice, I love the way the art style is, it's has a nice quality to it, that it still looks nice despite the bleak setting, and it has a very pleasing asthetic to it. I think it's a good fit for the game and what they were going for with the setting of being trapped in a warzone.

It may not be a cheerful game but at least it's looks pretty, in a hand drawn art style kind of way.

Easy To Play, Hard to Survive!

The game is very easy to learn, you just click on the interactive icons on the screen and then you decide what you want your suvivors to do. Whether it's making a new bed, a stove, or upgrading your workstation and workbenches, you can tell your survivors to do things.

But what makes the game interesting is that sometimes your survivors will stop carrying out your instructions and you have to make sure they keep doing their tasks, they'll also do things on their own that make them happy, such as reading books, drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes. If a survivor does something that makes them happy for an entire day, they will be content the next day.

Unfortunately, that means they won't do other important things, like cooking food or boarding up your house, and balancing everything with time management is important.


Scavenging at Night Makes Gameplay Challenging!

The most difficult part of the game is scavenging at night. Depending on the location you choose, the night can be uneventful searching for food and supplies, or you have to worry about bandits, thugs, the military or ordinary survivors like you should you choose to steal from them.

It's muh easier to steal from other survivors, but your characters will feel sad when they do bad things and if you don't cheer them up they can become depressed and either leave or commit suicide!

Trying to survive wihile keeping everyone from faling into depression is what makes this game fun and interesting, although it's not the kind of "fun" that makes you feel happy, it's the kind of fun that is thought provoking and compelling.

Character Mods and Custom Senario Creations Are So Much Fun! Anniversary Update!

The mods make this game so much fun to play! Ever wanted to see if characters from The Walking Dead or The Last of Us could survive a war? Now you can try it for yourself because you can download them through the Steam workshop!

There are tons of mods that make the game so much more fun, and they're really easy to download too, al you have to do is subscribe to them on Steam.

There is also a senario creator, where you can create custom games to play through, you can alos add characters downloaded in mods to the senario, which gives the game so much replayablity!

On November 11, 2016 11-Bit Studios announced a free DLC update patch that has three new locations, new civilians, a new scenario, and a new acchievement to get!

Easy to Learn, But the Characters Don't Always Do What You Want!

The game is very easy to learn and play, but sometimes you will click on a character and you will click on something and it doesn't seem to register that you want the character to carry out a specific action. Also, it is very easy to accidentally click on the wrong character and then they'll do something you didn't want them to. It can be very annoying at times when you're trying to have a character sleep and you accidentally wake them up by clicking on the wrong portait.

Watch the Trailer:

Combat Can be Clunky!

The combat is pretty fun, it consiststs of clicking on the opponent after selecting your weapon. What makes it difficult is that, depending on how strong your character is, they will either fight very well or do horribly. It is a little clunky and I know this is not a combat oriented game, but clicking on the opponent should always mean thaty ou land a hit. That doesn't always happen, sometimes a character will die just because your clicking doesn't register with the game, and that is annoying.

Ther is also an acchievement bug where sometimes the game won't register an acchievement being unlocked.


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Quick Summary:

What Works:
What Doesn't Work:
Lovely graphics and art style
The user interface doesn't always do what you want
Excellent writing and characters
Not all mouse clicks register with the game
Nice Music
Combat can be clunky
Easy to learn gameplay
Acchievements are bugged and don't always register

Buy This Game!

This game is fantastic! The graphics are nice, the gameplay is fun, and it's a game that makes you think. It's very compelling very well done. I love this game and it's one of my favorites. It's well worth buying it to play, whether or not it's on sale or not.

I highly recommend this game and if you like survival games, you'll love this game, it's fun in a different way, but it's well worth it to play.

Overal Rating: A:

This War of Mine is a fantastic game, it may not be as story driven as other games, but the gameplay, the setting and the subject matter make it a very compelling game to play. You'll care about the characters and want to do your best (or your worst) to help them survive the war.

With simple gamplay, and difficult choices to make, it is a game that everyone should play. It's a very well done game and despite some glitches, a few crashes and some times when the mouse clicking doesn't register when it needs to, it's still an amazing indie game to play.

My Rating;

5 stars for Videogame Review: This War of Mine (PC):


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    • CYong74 profile image

      Cedric Yong 18 months ago from Singapore

      Hmm, I've been strongly encouraged (by ads, LOL) to try this. But am a little put off by the bleak setting. Will give it a re-think after reading your review!