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The 10 Funniest Party Games

Updated on August 22, 2019

If you need something fun or are afraid that your guests will get bored at your party, it is definitely worth watching these 10 fun party games because no one can get bored from a party if they have made some of these party games.

1. Cut a Milk Carton

You need an empty milk carton and a scissor. You place the carton on the ground, and now all participating must grip the carton with their teeth, and the only thing that is allowed to touch the ground is your feet. Every person who grips the carton is in the next round. Then you cut about an inch of the carton and then it is harder to grip. In the end, when there are no edges on the carton, you have to soak in the center of the bottom of the carton and continue to suck until you are upright.

2. Limbo

You have two people holding a long stick. It can be a broom shaft. They hold the stick at the same height as the shortest participating person. Then you find the popular limbo song on YouTube, and then the game begins. Every person has to go under the stick, but they have to hold their front against the stick. When each person has tried, the persons holding the stick on the sides shall sink it a few inches and then you are ready for the next round.

3. Pull a Napkin

You will receive a napkin box for each participating person. In the game, it's about pulling each napkin out of the box one at a time as quickly as possible. It is simple but very funny.

4. The Shaker

You need something around candy, it can be chewing gum or big m&m's and 4 empty soda bottles. You fill 4 bottles with the round candy and tape the empty bottles on the head of the bottle filling with candy. In the game, you must have a set of bottles in both of your hands and compete with another team. Then you need to shake the bottles so that all the candy fall from the bottle full of candy to the empty bottle as fast as possible.

5. Sort m&m's

Each participant is given a full bag of m&m's and glasses for each color in the m&m's bag, and they need to sort the colors as quickly as possible. You can also extend the game with also using a straw.

6. Inflate a Balloon

You need two balloons and something that can easily fall. It could be domino pieces. You are two people competing and you blow up the balloon and then use the air in the balloon to topple the dominoes without touching them as fast as possible.

7. Pen in Bottle

You need a pen, a bottle and a leash for each participating person. You tie the string like a belt, but with a tail where you tie the ball stick at the end. Then you put the bottle in front of you. When the game starts, you have to spin 10 times, and then sit down without any help of your hands and try to get the ball stick in the bottle as fast as possible. You can also extend this game if you are paired up two and two, and then shall the one with the tail be blindfolded.

8. Toothpick Kiss

Two teams stand in line with a dental pluton plug in the mouth. The first person gets a keychain on their toothpick, and then shall the first person pass the keychain on to the next person's toothpick without using their hands.

9. Floor Mat Race

Two teams compete against each other. You sit on a floor mat and do not touch the ground. Then push yourself forward and then your feet so that you move like a caterpillar as quickly as possible.

10. The Uncontrolled Arms

One person sits behind another and acts the person's arms. Now they have to eat a meal (liquid meals work well) with their partner arms instead of their own.

I hope you found some ideas to entertain your friends. If you have any other ideas comment it below so we can all enjoy a new fun game with our friends.


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