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Vintage Wall Maps

Updated on December 10, 2021

What Are Vintage Wall Maps?

Maps are often seen by people as tools for learning. It is actually a common misconception that maps can only be used by students for educational purposes and by professionals for navigation and research purposes. Maps can actually be used for aesthetic purposes. This is especially true in case of rare antique maps that are expensive and hard to find. Many people find it satisfying to display maps, especially the expensive ones, in different conspicuous places whether it be at the house or at the office. In order to do these, they place it on the wall in different ways.

Vintage wall maps are maps that are placed in the wall for display purposes. These maps are typically found in museums and homes or offices of art collectors or connoisseurs. There are many ways to place or hang a map in the wall. . You can opt to place it like it is a wall paper. This method is not advisable though for expensive and rare antique maps because it might destroy the map once you decide to remove or transfer it.

Therefore, if you are conscious about the safety and preservation of your map, you can resort to placing it in a metal frame. In faming a map, make sure to have it laminated first. After the lamination, connect the map through the use of screws and glues to walnut-grained strips. By framing your map, it gives it an elegant and sophisticated look. It adds more value to your expensive rare antique map. It also preserves your precious map for future purposes. You do not even have to worry about marking it. You can still mark locations in your map by using sticker dots. You can already dispense with sticking pins. This way you can avoid damaging your precious map.

Vintage map of Bermuda.
Vintage map of Bermuda. | Source

Tips for Hanging Vintage Wall Maps

Vintage wall mapsare difficult to display especially if they are large. The value and the size of these maps make it difficult to hang. However, you do not want to just roll up your map and store it in a place where it will just acquire dust and moths. You want it to be seen by friends and house guests who can appreciate its beauty and value. Good thing there are proper ways for hanging large mps that are considered rare and antique. Here are the things that you should do.

  • You should first find a space where you can hang your antique map. It should be somewhere that cannot be easily reached by children. If you do not have space, then create it for your map. Having enough room for hanging wall maps is important to preserve its condition and appearance.
  • Before hanging the map, unroll it first and flatten it. You can do this by putting weights on the corners and letting it rest for about one to two days. This will make it easier for you to hang the map and will prevent damage which can be caused by the map’s constant rolling and unrolling.
  • Find two strips of moldings or frame borders. You will place these strips one at the top side and the other at the bottom side. It is like making a large scroll. Make sure that the strips are a bit longer than the map’s width but they should not be too heavy. Incorrect size and weight of the strips might damage the map.
  • Decorate the strips with designs or decorations that suit your taste and preference. You can paint them or put some embellishments to make them more interesting.
  • Attach sturdy frame hangers or hooks and loops for hanging. When hanging old wall maps, be extra careful to prevent it from being damaged or torn. Make sure that the wall has been cleared off all other wall hangings and that the molding or frame strips have been securely attached to the map.

Why Collect Vintage World Maps?

Today’s treasure hunt is the search for different kinds of antiques, not excluding antique world maps. When you search for these rare antique maps of the world on the internet, you will find out that there are many topics related to them and there are many online websites that buy and sell such collectibles.

These days, many people are interested in collecting these world maps that are considered vintage and valuable. The older, rarer, and larger the map is, the more expensive its price will be. Different people from different backgrounds are interested in collecting rare vintage maps also because of different reasons. Here are some of their reasons for collecting antique maps.

Looking at antique map prints is like traveling to another place and time which are much, much older than the period and place where you live now. It is like a material connection or link to those ancient people who have traveled far and wide in search of new colonies or flavorful spices.

It will give you a sense of wonder and awe that the person also held the same map you are holding now and gazed at it the way you are gazing at t now. The feeling is something that only antiques can bring.

Looking at antique old maps will also give you an idea of the different changes that took place several hundreds or even thousands of years ago. There might be changes in names of places or land formations. It will give you a glimpse at how Mother Earth changes herself over a period of time.

These ancient world maps can also help you brush up on your knowledge in geography. If you are a student and is studying history, you will better appreciate the subject if you know what your teacher is talking about and where the events actually took place.


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